Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101

From Front Page Mag

By Bruce Bawer:

In January 2009 a Dutch court ordered Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for offending Muslims and inciting anti-Muslim hatred.  The complaint was based not on slurs, as such, but on factual statements made by Wilders, in his film Fitna and in various public venues, about Islamic beliefs and about actions inspired by those beliefs.  In June 2011, after a prolonged legal ordeal that cost Wilders greatly in time, money, and emotion, and that represented a disgrace to the tradition of Dutch liberty, he was finally acquitted.

In February of this year, the Islamic Students Association at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam invited Haitham al-Haddad, a British sharia scholar, to participate in a symposium, but when some of al-Haddad’s sophisticated theological statements about Jews (the usual “pigs and dogs” business) and about other topics came to light, members of the Dutch Parliament spoke out against the invitation, a media storm erupted, and VU canceled its plans.  Whereupon a venue in Amsterdam called De Balie, which sponsors debates, talks, plays, and sundry cultural and artistic events (and whose café is a good spot to grab a late-morning coffee), stepped in and offered al-Haddad their stage.

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5 Replies to “Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101”

  1. On the other hand, when Okay Pala wanted to discuss Florens van de Kooij, member of Voorpost, Leftists made a debate impossible. Also, CIDI tried to prevent the visit of Haitham al-Hadad, but failed, proving that the pro-Israel lobby is not nearly as powerful as thought by Anti-Semites.

  2. The left will continue to use the Moslems in their quest to destroy the west, they think that after we are destroyed they can take over and create their utopia. They refuse to accept the historical fact that all forms of socialism only lead to dictatorships.

  3. In June 2011, Geert Wlders was prosecuted for simply making a film “Fitna”, and Islam’s totalitarian ideology. And yet when an imam publicly tells the same thing quoting chapter and verse from the koran, the Dutch authorities excused it on the basis of freedom of expression.

    These are the kind of double standards practised by the fascist left both in Britain and Holland: Ignore the sheer evil preached by Muslims but prosecute non-Muslims who reveal them. The totalitarian Left unites with Islam in their objective to destroy the culture and traditions of Britain and Europe. Their first objective is Christianity, on whose pillars much of Western civilisation rests.

  4. This sort of thing is happening all over the western world as governments and politicians seem hell bent on giving the muzzies all the help they can in their quest for world domination. They just don’t seem to have got the message yet that you make deals with Islam at your peril.

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