News in the tragic shooting matter at a Lille discotheque

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From Sudinfo.Be

Faycal M probably in Belgium.

News in the tragic shooting matter at a Lille discotheque. French police sources have confirmed us via phone: Presently, the perpetrator is more than likely in Belgium.

Faycal M, around thirty, is considered extremely dangerous. The man well known by the french police service has a second residence at Brussels, where he regularly spends time. The belgian and french police services are now working hand in hand, in order to find the individual.

Present balance of the drama: 2 dead and 5 wounded. Witnesses agree: Everything happened extremely fast. After having been refused entry into ‘Le Theatro’ discotheque in Lille, Faycal M returned, armed with a kalashnikov-type assault rifle. Then, he opens fire directly in front of the discotheque’s entrance, then disappears again in a car.

Very probabaly, it was his vietnamese girl friend who steered the vehicle. Then, the couple was no more to be seen.



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