Jew Hunting Season Open in France

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  1. Note: In the Netherlands, one lone Leftist, Eric Krebbers, did adress Muslim Anti-Semitism in France. But he is a lone voice. There is a possibility the Jewish leaders sacrifice the Jews in Europe in order to maintain more or less good relations with Muslims against the West. In a way, this is ironic justice. Europe made the mistake of making itself dependent on Muslim oil because the educators of the European elite, liberal Jews, told the lie that Islam was a peaceful and advanced religion, pointing to Al-Andalus. Muslims always turn on their former allies. First women, especially sluts and lesbians(think Feminism) and gays(think Cultural “Marxism”) and now Jews. When will Muslims turn on non-Muslim pedophiles? Time will tell. In fact, I think Muslim Anti-Semitism isn’t at all motivated by Palestine, but by the desire to replace the current rulers of Europe, the Jews. Of course, they attack the vulnerable, common Jews, instead of the powerful Jews, being the cowards they will always be. That is why Muslims operate in groups and always cover their faces. They piss their pants against their own clerics, although they could easily beat them up. They will burn in hell.

  2. The message is that credible threats of street violence works to get your way politically.

    The violence will escalate, as other groups (especially the majority native Frenchmen) catch on. When the native French and English and Danes and Germans organize themselves into Identity Groups and move to enforce their interests and well being on the streets (and then in the institutions), then we will see the re-assertion of European order and cultural norms.

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