Suspect Held after two gendarmes shot and killed in Collobrieres


The tiny village of Collobrieres in southeastern France is in shock this morning after two female gendarmes were brutally shot and killed last night.

According to the latest reports, the inident started when a woman whose purse had been stolen was given information about where to find the thief. She called her husband and asked him to go over and get it back, in an amicable manner. But when the husband confronted the thief, a violent fight broke out. The police were called, and two gendarmes from Pierrefeu arrived on the scene.

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During the dispute, the alleged thief turned on one of the gendarmes, and kicked her several times in the head and upper body. When she fell, he grabbed her gun, and shot her several times in the face.  The second officer retreated, but the suspect followed her and shot her several times in the back, and left her bleeding in the street. He then fled the scene with both officers’ sidearms. According to witnesses, the man appeared drunk. The gendarmes were declared dead at the scene.

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  1. Only cutting the right hand of the Muslim thief will restore order. It is a matter of justice. After all, Muslims cut the hand of those who steal from them. North-Africans should be considered Muslims, after all, they can enter mosques without wearing a beard.

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