A lecturer at Karolinska institutet has been arrested for an elaborate abuse of his wife.

Anyone want to bet that this ‘lecturer’s’ specialty is Islamic studies?

from Aftonbladet:

Translation: Michael Laudahn


A lecturer at Karolinska institutet has been arrested for an elaborate abuse of his wife. 

He suspected her of having been untrue, and attacked her in a rage, using a knife. 

“He cut off her lips, then ate them”, says a person close to the file. 

The event took place at the couple’s home in south Stockholm. The degree of violence was such that the public prosecutor wanted the man arrested for attempted murder. 

During the preliminary hearing held recently behind closed doors, tingsrätten [lower-instance court] stated that the suspicions [against him] would qualify for particularly grave abuse, something that will possibly change again during the course of the investigation.


The lecturer who is a prominent researcher in his domain recognises the factual circumstances. 

‘It is honour-related, he doesn’t seem to regret anything, he thinks that it was her who mortified him’, says a person close to the file. 

Advokat Ingela Hessius Ekman represents the wife, who now is staying at a secret location. 

‘Of course, she isn’t fine, neither psychically nor physically.’

‘She has very severe damages, the doctors cannot yet state to what degree she can be restored, or if at all. It will take time before this can be judged, if it is possible to do something and what in this case can be done.’

Has several children

The lecturer has been married before and has several children from this marriage. Some weeks after he divorced his earlier wife, he married again, a considerably younger woman. 

According to Aftonbladet’s [this paper] information, he recently got the impression that she was deceiving him. Therefore he decided to punish her and cause her damage for the rest of her life. 

‘It was meant [by him] not be possible to re-attach her lips.’

The lecturer will now have to undergo a little mental examination, in order to find out if some serious psychological derangement can be suspected. 


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  1. …some serious psychological derangement can be suspected…

    That’s just parochial and culturally insensitive.

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