BBC cracks, finally uses the word ‘Muslim’ to describe Islamic motivated crime

Of course, it is because Muslims finally raped a non-white woman from a community willing to actually act on it. Much harder to call a large group of Sikh’s marching to the police station in horror because of a rape of one of their owns racist than it is the indigenous British. The usual tactic of the repugnant and selective BBC

I did my own treatment of this video here:

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4 Replies to “BBC cracks, finally uses the word ‘Muslim’ to describe Islamic motivated crime”

  1. “They are honor bound to find a resolution”.

    Until such time as the next time that will end up in racial civil war with the Muslims, on one side and the Sikhs, Hindus, Afro-Carribeans and whites on the other.

    I know of no cult that has so many people violently opposed to it no matter their race, religion or culture.

    Pretty soon the bleatings of the Muslims concerning their so-called discrimination will have some basis in fact – I hope.

  2. “defuse the situation”? How about arresting the criminals without hesitating over their belonging to a protected group, I promise you it will defuse the situation marvelously.

  3. I don’t care what their motives were it was still a shock, at least my heart problem is afib and not classic heart attacks.

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