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2 Replies to “Tommy Robinson on March 4 2012 TALK FM SPAIN DEBATE”

  1. It is good that they let this poor excuse of a human being Choudary speak. The more he speaks the more he proves his brain washed idiology.

  2. Muslims have to live with this because their Master forced sex upon a child (no child finds a fifty-six year old man attractive) so all rationale goes out of the window. So a definition is held up as pure: sex with a female is halal after her first menses. (anshe better be a virgin) http://www.answering-islam.org/authors/roark/child_brides.html

    The lowering of consental recreational ‘sex’ (well, very loosely call it sex) is also on the agenda in The West. But I think it might be after their first solid dump.

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