Blogger files freedom of information request to see ‘anti-Islamic-posters’

Now this is action. I will be very interested to see the reasons they invent to refuse to supply this material. The man who did it is to be applauded loudly and supported by us all. I hope he lets us know what he gets. Thank you for posting this link in the comments Edgar1981

 Imprisoned in the UK for criticising Islam

The national UK media has had almost nothing to say about the astonishing case of Darren Conway who on March 6 was sentenced to a year in prison for posting ‘anti-Islamic materials’ in the window of his ground-floor apartment in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.  There is a very good piece by Bruce Bawer about the case in which he wonders why no information about the actual posters has been provided in any news reports.


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4 Replies to “Blogger files freedom of information request to see ‘anti-Islamic-posters’”

  1. What could be more offensive than listening to Friday’s sermon at the local mosque (barracks) or reading about what the moslems think about us lowly Infidels in the koran?

    Inquiring minds must know!

  2. I got this story from a comment left on the original article. So I am hoping the same person will be kind enough to keep us up to date.

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