Islamic halal meat: It ‘slams against Quebec values,’ Parti Quebecois says

Wow what do you know, The Parti Quebecois is standing up for Quebec values. Will wonders never cease.

QUEBEC – The Parti Quebecois is sounding the alarm bell over an Islamic food ritual, calling slaughter for halal meat an affront not only to the rights of animals but to the values cherished by Quebecers.

The pro-independence party declared its concerns Wednesday about halal animal-rights standards, and is worried that mainstream companies are selling the meat, without any labelling, to unsuspecting Quebecois customers.

Not to be outdone, the fledgling Coalition For Quebec’s Future concurred later Wednesday that consumers should have the right to choose which product they buy and halal products must be labelled.

The halal flap is the latest iteration of Quebec’s identity debates, which have raged on Montreal’s populist talk radio in recent days.

Over the last week one radio show has featured complaints about Hassidic Jewish festivals disrupting traffic; Islamic halal meat being sold without labelling; and a convenience-store owner who got angry when asked to speak French.

The PQ is now demanding a report on the halal situation from the provincial government, by March 23.

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3 Replies to “Islamic halal meat: It ‘slams against Quebec values,’ Parti Quebecois says”

  1. Kosher slaughter is merely a matter of following (perhaps outdated) procedures. There is no actual spiritual element to it – a Rabbi only confirms that food preperation is being done correctly according to kosher rules.

    But halal slaughter, though superficially similar, is literally an animal sacrafice.

    The muslim must say “in the name of allah the greatest” just when he cuts the throat of the animal. That makes it %100 an animal sacrafice. The animal is being killed for a god.

    IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A COINCEDENCE that muslims say the same thing when killing non muslims.

    Think about what that means.

  2. Many have tried to argue against that but ALL have failed resoundingly. All arguments so far rely upon phenomena that is completely irrelevant to the act of halal slaughter and the meaning of “allah al akbar” in the context of halal slaughter.

    The most common argument has been, and I kid you not: “How can you say it’s animal sacrafice because allah al akbar is said? That’s the same thing said when making offerings during eid.” I. Kid. You. Not.

    That’s the intellectual capacity we’re up against. The problem isn’t that they are so dang smart. Rather it’s because western leaders have become even stupider than the paragrah above.

  3. NO! it slams against all the Western World’s values. Let’s not minimize this cancerous maggot infected stealth Islamist growth by saying it’s against the values of the province of Québec. They are too small to matter.

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