Paul Weston excerpt from March 9 2012 interview by the Christian Action Network

On March 9 2012, the CAN interviewed a number of people in Europe for a program on Islam, it’s devastating effects on European culture and other related issues. The CAN was kind enough to let us take a bit of footage ourselves at the same time and release chunks of it for you all, as an appetizer so to speak.

The speakers include, Tommy Robinson, who’s segment you can see here, Paul Weston below, and others who I will try and get edited and uploaded over the next few days.

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2 Replies to “Paul Weston excerpt from March 9 2012 interview by the Christian Action Network”

  1. Those were grim words at the end about only being able to excercise free speech rights in America.

    They need to engage in a concentrated charm and influence campagn with the British press. The vast majority of the British people do agree with this parties platform.

    They also need to find more people like Mr. Weston. Perhaps Douglas Murrey would like to take a stab at a political career.

  2. I use to go see Heavy metal bands and concerts in Milton Keynes back in the early 2000s seemed like middle britain as he says. Nice houses and organized. Not like London. Now there are 10,000 Somali goat herders there! Its ridiculous! Why don’t you get the most diverse people on the planet and put them in the same neighbourhood. I think the UK needs more eskimoes and I demand to know why eskimoes are not being allowed to immigrate from Greenland and Canada to the UK. I want to see flocks of goats driven by their Somali herders and eskimoes in their parkas spearing fish in the lakes from a canoe next time I am in Milton Keynes seeing Megadeth or whoever at the bowl.

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