Hundreds of Islamists attack village, molest Hindu women

From People of Shambhala.
The Hindu town of Madhyakolra, Domjur, in West Bengal, India, was attacked by approximately 600 Islamists on March 4, reports Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Trouble began when four Muslim property developers arrived to have a pond covered over and construction work begun on the site. Local Hindus came out to protest.

The four men — Mohsin Mufti, Sheikh Khokon Dewan, Atiyar Mallik and Nurududdin Sardar — allegedly returned to the neighboring Muslim-majority village.

They then returned to Madhyakolra, reportedly with 600 Islamists, who attacked the village and molested many of the Hindu women there… read more.

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  1. For heaven’s sake India!

    You’ve given the Muslims sharia courts, hajj subsidies and much more and what good has it done?

    Appeasement is suicide. This is a struggle for survival.

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