Asian takeaways targeted

It should be noted, that the “Asian” kebab shops in this article and the ones you are likely to read over the next several days have all been associated with Muslim rape gangs and pedophile grooming gangs of British girls.



It would appear that ‘Antifa’ the far left group that attacked a BNP member with a hammer and that British police admit are usually the ones who instigate violence at EDL demonstrations, have called for people to go to the area where the Kabab shops are being targeted.

your local Guardian:

Disturbances have broken out in the Heywood area of Rochdale, police have confirmed.

Gangs of youths have congregated and it is believed Asian takeaway businesses have been targeted, sources said.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “We became aware of congregations of men gathering in Heywood this evening. We are getting some reports of disturbances.

“There has been no reports of serious injuries. The owner of one takeaway restaurant has had his car attacked.”



Bucks Herald:


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Police officer hurt in disturbances

Published on Thursday 23 February 2012 22:31


A police officer was injured as disturbances broke out in the Heywood area of Rochdale.


Windows were damaged at a takeaway on Bridge Street and a number of vehicles were damaged, police said.

The officer suffered minor injuries during a disturbance with a group of youths.

Sources said earlier that gangs of youths had congregated and it was believed Asian takeaway businesses had been targeted.

Greater Manchester Police appealed to parents to ask their children to go home following the disorder.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said police were aware of “tensions in the borough”.

He said: “A group of youths have attacked a local business and clashed with police officers. We would urge parents in the area to call their children if they are not home yet.

“Reassurance patrols are in place to try and mitigate this and we ask the community to act responsibly during this difficult time.

“A number of local businesses have closed of their own volition and we will continue to work closely with them.”

A police spokesman added: “We are monitoring social media sites and ask anybody who is concerned or has information to share with us to go either through their local Neighbourhood Policing Team, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by GMP using the 101 service.”


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6 Replies to “Asian takeaways targeted”

  1. I have mixed emotions on this. As you can tell from my comments in the past I’m not necessarily in agreance with alot of the comments on this blog so don’t be startled by my comments, I think the very fact that someone like me reads this blog regularly is indicative if which way the argument is heading. Ok so the mixed emotions lie in the fact that I’m glad that the local people are not just sat down and taking it anymore and I feel it is 100% correct for anyone to peacefully protest against what they see as wrong. It’s not the reasons why I find wrong but once again the manner of the protest if you can even call it that.

    What we have seen is local businesses attacked, whether or not any of these takeaways was involved in the girl grooming is debatable, obviously non of us living there so we dont know the facts. Even if it was the case, is the right action to attack and destroy? I had a read of that antifa site and it would seem they are going to make the situation worse. There will be ordinary Asian people in that area very frightened tonite, just as there will be many White people in fear for their daughters. Fear is a dangerous thing. I imagine the edl visit to Manchester this weekend with all else happening in Manchester may not be so peaceful.

    I do not really have all the answers, all I know is that there are storm clouds gathering
    over the uk. What this will evolve into 5 or 10 years Down the line is a frightening prospect. If the politicians, police and media had not failed in their duty to the people then we may never have got to this stage. I feel with a change of govt or policy there may still be hope to wrestle this argument away from the growing ranks of Both the extreme right and left. Sad days ahead……..

  2. Well I would class neo nazis as extreme right and the bnp as extreme right. I feel this will only strengthen their numbers. As it will only seek to increase numbers of extreme leftists. It will be a case of ” I told you so” and will seek to sure up the stereotypes both sides promote.

    Reading between the lines I will answer the question I feel you are really asking. Which

  3. Ok my phone messed up and I lost my entire post. I had written a whole piece about edl and british freedom. In short I consider the bnp and neo nazis as extreme right wing. I feel the edl and British freedom are not ( whether all it’s members are is debatable). I agree with 70% of what both say, as do alot of the english public, but currently do not support either of them. I like many of the British public still wether this Is a farce or not have some hope left in the mainstream political parties. For me my hope is in the uk independence party.

    My other post was more extensive. But the just of it was that when I brandish the term extreme right wing, I tend to use it in correct terms. Rather than just calling anyone that does not hold my pOlitical view a racist or fascist.

  4. Harriet
    you say you agree with 70 per cent of what British Freedom say, well its a start I suppose. But please tell me do you agree 100 per cent of what any of the Lib/lab/Con say, and as for UKIP-when Lord Pearson left as party leader and “Big” Nige took over did you notice how quickly its’ anti islamofacist rethorick dissapeared? Having met Mr Paul Weston in person I can assure you that he has the passion, drive and focus to see this through, (He’s also a bloody funny man too and a most exceptional chap). I’m a party member of British Freedom and whilst I don’t agree with 100 per cent of what they say, they are saying enough of the right things to turn around the shit state of affairs this country finds itself in due to self serving ZaNu Liebour and its plan to make Englishness, Patriotism etc a thought crime. To me it sounds like your begining to wake up from the socailist soma, may a suggest you seek out some coffee?

  5. I would say the muslims are extreme right wing. They favour the race of Arabs and Arab religion, law, culture and jihad style of language and action over other races. They are the most extreme right wingers in the world. The BNP have never killed anyone or groomed girls with peodophile gangs or flown planes into buildings. The BNP (not the Bangladesh National Party) but the British one is about reversing some of the excesses of the elite who want to re-engineer society for the purpose obtaining votes and for the success of their pet ideology. Politicians love votes and their particular ideology. They live in a world apart and the BNP is a powerless party with no history of power or terrorism and is merely raising concerns, whereas the muslims have an entire history just in the UK of terrorism, pedophile gangs, rioting, poppy burning, England flag burning etc, powerful support from the Media and Government. The BNP is right wing as liberals who want freedom of speech and want to protect the British way of life but the Muslims are right wing in essence to the extent of the Nazi party of a Mr Hitler. Given complete power they will show you what kind of state they will build as seen in Iran and Saudi. Muslims in the UK in stark contrast to the BNP have a stronger pro active arab supremacist policy and power in the halls of media and government and incidents of terrorism all as historical indicators of what they are involved in practically to demonstrate their Arab Supremacist Ideology.

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