An interesting story seemingly being scrubbed as fast as it is being reported



The police have released some names. They would appear to be Sri Lankan. Police are referring to, “The South Asian Community”

In a release sent out Thursday afternoon, police named nine of the accused. They are: Pirapaharan Nadesu, 33, of Toronto; Sipaskaran Sabaratnam, 32, of Markham; Nishanthan Ponnuthurai, 32, of Markham; Jeyakanthan Theivendran, 43, of Markham; Baskaran Tharmakulasingam, 35, of Toronto; Mahaletchumy Pathmanathan, 57, of Markham; Sujeegah Kanagalingam, 32, of Markham; Ravigunathas Gunasingam, 40, of Toronto; and Vishnukanthan Sabapathy, 35, of Toronto.

This morning there was a massive fraud bust in Toronto reportedly of over 50 people. Some who managed to watch live TV of the arrests early this morning claim all of the arrested had a suspiciously Islamic look about them. The police held a conference on the arrests at 2:00 this afternoon but I cannot find it online, or the names of the arrested, or images of the arrested. Below is the best I can find so far.

The story is interesting and this crime would require a pretty tight network of people all agreeing to be part of this fraud. Clearly perpetrated by people who hold values of honesty decency and cooperation in contempt or at best, indifference. This could be said of any criminal of course but this one has an odd timber to it. Fifty people, all willing to be used as part of a massive insurance fraud and the news not reporting who or showing them and blurring out the faces that don’t suit the narrative.

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  1. There were a series of busts here in Oklahoma involving Islamic groups laundering money through used car sales but I only read about it on local news. You’d think it would be in the national and international news since they were selling cars overseas but the major news networks never mentioned the story.

  2. The amount & types of crime all of these people bring to the
    civilized world is just astounding. Unreal. Will we ever be told the
    whole truth ?? Man O Man !!!


  3. The only way that the world will ever hear about it is people making it public get it out there get on facebook and post it on any anti islamic website and they will do the rest…..people NEED to hear about this

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