Deaf slave girl gives evidence against her Muslim rapist/slave owners in England

I think 10 years ago, I could never ever possibly have managed to imagine myself writing that headline. Ever. In fact I think I would have cursed out anyone who would have suggested such a thing was going to happen.

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  1. These muslims are so damned evil. Slavery is alive and well in the 21st Century. I too never saw it on the horizon. The burkha clad woman going into the court house needs to be stripped of her head covering. It has no place in a court of law, or anywhere else in the West for that matter.

    How does one just enslave a little girl, make her do hard, demanding labor, beat her, molest her, steal her childhood, and be able to sleep at nights? I will never understand. The poor child, I feel so bad for her. The only thing I can grasp is the desire to slay such monsters as these. Islam gives them comfort and justification for all the murderous mayhem muslims commit upon the innocent. the cult of muhammad needs to be destroyed, wiped from the face of the earth for all time. Islam is nothing but a hate crime, and any muslim that has a problem with me saying this can kiss my ass! To those in the USA who say we must respect islam and the muslim’s 1st Amendment rights to practice islam I would say this, Would you expect the governments of Mexico, the US and Canada to tolerate and respect a resurgence of the ancient Mexica/Aztec rites of mass human sacrifice? Well, given enough time, some brain-dead liberal would inevitably come along and find justification to defend it, even if by calling it as a corrective to Western colonialism. Those lousy libturds are enablers of post-modern slavery and Lunar god lunacy.

  2. But the alleged pervs must have had neighbours? children of their own? friends or relatives? or the local mullah? the benefit agency and on and on? Alas, the multicultural twaddle has successfully rendered the watchful eye of the nosey neighbour redundant!

  3. @ anon, It was neighbours who eventually called the Old Bill (police), she had no friends or relatives, the pervs got her from an orphanidge. And as for the benefits agency, well they are just a f***ing joke, not fit for purpose leftie multi culti enabellers who’s jobs should be given to others IMHO.

  4. If you talk to a leftist they will ignore things like this and tell you that slavery in Islam is different then in the West, yeah it is, it is worse.

  5. from maxflack aka Denis Schulz. Do not ignore this.
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