Would you like Mustard with that?

Muslim man bites ear of Jewish counter-protestor at anti-Israel rally

Below is video taken at the event. Some interesting historical perspectives there as well. One was lacking though. The man initially lecturing the camera-holder, the man subsequently ‘Van-Gogh’d’ shortly after the start of the video, was being told how Jews actually lined up for the death camps.

I think someone should have explained to him how slavery never happened in the US and Europe but black people swam to the boats and begged for passage cause they heard of all the great planation and farm jobs once a literate white guy read the posters for them. Alas he was spared that negation of the colored-people’s sacred narative.

Tundra Tabloids has all the facts and details on this event which may now be made public since the stunning acquittal of the attacker. On a related note, did Mike Tyson convert to Islam?

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