Ezra discusses his book on Omar Khadr and the case itself on SUN Jan 30 2012

I remember news clips of the Khadr family, now somehow fully scrubbed from the internet where his mother explains how much she hates Canada, how it is full of drug addicts and homosexuals and how she doesn’t want her children to grow up here, while she bathes in Canadian health care money for another one of her children injured while fighting Amer/Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

I believe this family also was known for having lost their canadian passports, all of them, multiple times, if memory serves no less than 5, while away in Pakistan. Does anyone actually know why Jean Chretien personally went to bat for this Al Queda family?

I would very much like to find those clips. If anyone know where or how, please leave details in comments.

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    • It was prime minister Chretien who went to bat for his father who was in jail in Pakistan and got him released and returned to Canada, at least for a little while.

  1. Lawyers seem to love this case because of the age of the psychopath at the time he committed all the crimes, child soldier concept is the big appeal
    I will get Ezras book asap, but hopefully, he will send a copy to all the Ministers, and Stephen Harper, one to his wife too, because she can bend his ear…..

  2. Lawyers, all over the world became interested in this case when the charges were laid. The reason is because the charges were laid under the laws of war but they didn’t conform to any known law of war at the time, or any violation of them.

    It would be as if a person was suddenly charged with a crime nobody heard of, under a law that didn’t exist. Most people would think it was odd, but legal experts would become particularly interested.

    The original information released on the Khadr case made what he did sound vaguely like a war crime. Killing a medical officer performing medical duties is contrary to the laws of war.

    Eventually, it became known that this is not what happened, based on an eye witness report of a soldier directly involved. The soldier who was killed was trained as a medic, but what happened was a battle and nobody was acting as a medic at the time.

    Ezra Levant gives an account of the event that is completely different from the eye witness report of the soldier who was there. His report is on the Internet. Search for OC-1 – Omar Khadr. Mr. Levant hasn’t mentioned what his account is based on.

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