‘Gay people should get the death penalty’: Five Muslim men on trial for stirring up hatred after ‘handing out homophobic leaflets near mosque’

…and some people still insist that ‘multiculturalism’ is not an oxymeron.

From The Daily Mail:

  • One leaflet called The Death Penalty? showed image of mannequin hanging from a noose and said buggery led to hell, court hears
  • Jury told the ‘horrible’ leaflets were designed to stir up ‘hatred and hostility against homosexual people’
  • Prosecution of the group is first of its kind since new laws were passed

By Anthony Bond

Last updated at 3:00 PM on 10th January 2012

A group of Muslim men handed a leaflet out to the public that called for homosexuals to be ‘punished’ and given the death sentence, a court has heard.

The five men gave out the pamphlet, called The Death Penalty?, which showed an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose and said buggery was a great sin leading to hell, the court wast told.

It also said that it used to be punished by hanging and that people practising and allowing homosexuality would suffer, the court was told.

Ihjaz Ali, 42, Mehboob Hussain, 45, Umar Javed, 38, Razwan Javed, 27, and Kabir Ahmed, 28, are alleged to have handed out the document outside and near the Jamia Mosque in Derby, in July 2010.


They are also alleged to have put it through people’s letterboxes in the neighbourhood.


All five men are accused of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation in the first prosecution of its kind since legislation came into force in March 2010.


Opening the prosecution’s case at Derby Crown Court today, where the five men are on trial after denying all charges, prosecutor Bobbie Cheema said the case was an example of a hate crime.


She told the jury of seven men and five women: ‘The essence of this case will come down to this – an allegation of a hate crime, that these five defendants were part of a small group of men who distributed horrible, threatening literature, with quotations from religious sources and with pictures on them, which were designed to stir up hatred and hostility against homosexual people.’


Miss Cheema showed the jury a series of three leaflets the men are said to have handed out, which included The Death Penalty? leaflet, and told them they would hear from witnesses who received them.


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11 Replies to “‘Gay people should get the death penalty’: Five Muslim men on trial for stirring up hatred after ‘handing out homophobic leaflets near mosque’”

  1. Buggery sure leads to Bowel Syndrome which must be like living in hell. There’s valid reasons why we don’t put things where they shouldn’t go!

    For many years I kept my mouth shut as I was foolish enough to believe their lie that they merely wanted to be left alone BUT, they’ve made it painfully clear their agenda is so much more than that!

    FYI: AIDS was not the original name for the disease. It was called GRID (gay-related immunodeficiency disease) before the medical community was intimidated by threats into changing from the rightful dishonor of the deviant behavior that spread it.

    Homosexuals are less than 1% of the population.

    This 1% has appx. 80% of the nation’s GRIDs and 64% of the syphilis.

    Lesbians on average have 4 times the number of male partners and are twice as likely to have an STD as normal women.

    Homos and lesbians have the highest suicide rates in the nation.

    Many Homos suffer from ‘gay’ bowel syndrome – just the act of what they do causes numerous physical problems.

    Homosexuals have a much higher alcohol and drug abuse rates.

    Every nation in the history of the world that has allowed homosexuality to infect their society has fallen within two generations.

    No nation of civilization has allowed or embraced homosexuality on the way to the top, it is always on the way to the bottom and near their destruction that homosexuality becomes allowed and common.

  2. Wighunter, even if that was correct, and even if it was relevant, how does it relate to the story you are commenting on?

    Do you agree with these Muslims? Should homosexuals be killed for it?

  3. “Winghunter” has been making the rounds spewing hatred and misinformation about gays at “Creeping Sharia” and “The Blaze” too. Kinda makes one wonder what hate boy is really hiding, doesn’t it?

    I think you were on the right track during those years that you kept your mouth shut.

  4. The guy in the upper left picture looks like one of chowderheads pretty boys.

    In case you didn’t know, Anjem Choudary left his wife to wage his little asbo jihad. A struggle that just happens to keep him surrounded by handsom, physically fit young men.


  5. “Homos and lesbians have the highest suicide rates in the nation. Homosexuals have a much higher alcohol and drug abuse rates. ”

    Yeah, because of assholes like you.

    BTW who was the first muslim crossdresser? Who was the first muslim who liked hugging men from behind? Who was the first muslim who liked being kissed all over his body by other men? Who was the first Muslim who liked frenching little boys? Who was the first muslim seen to do, er, other things to little boys?

    I bet you can guess where I am going with this.

  6. Homosexuals are hoisted up on crances and slowly stangled to death in front of baying mobs in lands where sharia law is in full force. Prosecuting these poor simple souls will not change their views. But the PC brigade are so out of touch with reality they have become a dangerous threat to democracy. They are controlling how people think at the expense of freedom of speech. The truth means nothing to them. It would be more appropriate to remove these men to a sharia jurisidiction to give them the opportunity of fully practising sharia which is essential part of their religion. Or better still ensure that they do not come and settle in the West to begin with! What strange times we live in!

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