Video collage of Florida terror suspect Sami Osmakac

This deeply and profoundly religious Muslim made several videos expressing his views and values and attempted to teach them to us, and to other fellow travelers. My favorite one though, is the one where he got into a fight with some fanatical Christian preachers outside a Lady Gaga concert in April 2011 who frankly, would agree with him on a lot of his morals. Even so, he felt a need to attack them.

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5 Replies to “Video collage of Florida terror suspect Sami Osmakac”

  1. HOOAAH….keep up the good work! The last time a muslim confronted me he walked, well actually kinda crawled away minus a few front teeth…brass knuckles can do that!
    The muztards need to do their homework…there are some of us who don’t eat shit and have intentions of starting now…here in the Unted States, the press is doing everything it can to downplay muztard complicity in the shit thats going on….when it jumps off, they’ll be the first we blame! They could have warned the people, instead they chose to assist the muzzies in hiding their true agenda…..paybacks going to be a bitch!

  2. They attack because they never expect Christians to fight back- they always expect them to turn the other cheeck! When the Christians do defend themselves they run with their scruffie tails between their bandie legs!

  3. A totally brainwashed zombie and an accident waiting to happen.

    Note that the policeman showed no interest at all to arrest him after he attacked those two counter protestors.

    Fuggly is as Islam does.

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