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9 Replies to “Norwegian documentary on sharia law and Islam within the UK”

  1. Most people are not even aware of these groups of sharia courts. These courts just oppress their own muslim population. That is ok with me. As long as they leave me alone.
    Also they do not have any influence with the muslim couch wanking epidemic that is sweeping the muslim community. Islam forbids masturbation due to the fact it causes pregnancy of the fingers. In my workshop I explain this from the hadith to the males who come for help by saying the pregnancy of the fingers is a long one; but (and this is where I add a little lie!) it can result in all kinds of jews being born from their fingers if they are not careful and immediately stop their wanking hobby. That usually gets them worked up!

  2. Quote: What would it take for Norway to be horrified as to the state of liberalism within the UK?

    It would be better for them to look to their own state ie the beam in their own eye.

  3. Sharia law is actually a threat to everyone, anywhere it is. It should be an embarassment to accommodate this abomination in the West, but they do. A so called law, of the divine sort, that reduces societies to the tragic spectacle of grown men throwing stones at women and lashing them in public and so on and on and on. This counts for full time employment in places like the KSA. Is this the 21st century or what!

    Kow towing to the half- literate, uncultivated mullahs; it would seem that our leaders run with the foxes, hunt with the hounds and generally decieve the masses, and for what? the block vote, amongst other things. Pure lunacy, without the full moon too and all!

  4. Ha, ha… once again the joke’s on us.
    First that mental case, Anjem Choudary saying that Sharia damaged Muslims ‘are primarily concerned by their position in the eyes of God’ (I think he means, Satan) and then we have a couple of burqa-slave babes pretending they have never heard of such Sharia courts!
    Wherever there’s Muslim mischief in Britain, you can be sure that Choudary will be there, lingering like a bad smell, and spouting his usual drivel. Of course, he’s shamelessly indefatigable and behind closed doors, he preaches his campaign to destroy Western civilisation, and even invites a bunch of criminals along to spout their versions of such tripe!
    Why, oh why are we allowing them to get away with this?

  5. Would be good to get some background from Fjordman on this. As we may be missing some cultural or political nuance or alterior motive by NRK TV. The first thought that springs to mind is …has the Norweigen gov put pressure on NRK to be more balanced (post Breveik) as this report looks fairly independent and objective.It was interesting one of the interviewees states if we (the left) don`t deal with these issues the far right will) I wonder if that was an ideological point specifically made for the a re-evaluation of Norways leftists (who would be generally unhappy with this news report) to steal the far rights islamo-critical skeptacism and replace it with a “concerned leftist realism”? To suggest there is no need to be far right as the leftists are not fooled by the cult and will always seek to create a balanced liberal utopia.

  6. The sharia courts are a threat because of the separate legal system they represent, any place in Europe where European police are afraid to go are ruled by the sharia courts.

    Welcome to the world the left if building for us.

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