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7 Replies to “Egyptian made film showing acts of barbarism against the Copts and the individual aftermath of each act. graphic and heartbreaking”

  1. May their souls rest in peace and I pray for them and their families. Islam is a murderous relegion as we have witnessed in Egypt with our Copt cousins. God give us strength for the great battle against barbarity and ignorance that is coming.

  2. God help us all. The islamists are truely demonic. How on earth could any human watch the cold blooded murder of another human and cheer and celebrate? This is what a pedophile phrophet reaps. If you can rape and marry a child all animalistic instincts are acceptable. When all the Christians leave muslim countries there go all the civilising effects on the camel shaggers.

  3. Imagine if these atrocities were the other way around, what would happen!

    To think that the Copt were once in the majority in Egypt. Then in the 7th century things began to change and went unnoticed for a while. Then in the 8th century, there were massive conversions to Islam due partly to the harsh treatement by the Muslim rulers of the day, but mainly due to the oppressive system of taxation. Then by the 10th century the Muslims were in the majority, and have been ever since. There is a lesson there if only our leaders in the West would sit up and take notice!

  4. May they find the peace in Heaven that they were denied in life.

    The worst part is that acts like these are going to continue and we run the risk of becoming jaded to the point where they won’t raise any outrage. These acts and others like them are one of the reasons I think a Dark Age is coming.

  5. I’m thankful that this slaughter is being reported on in the western media.
    The great majority of Christian killings go unreported. The Voice of the Martyrs estimates that a Christian is martyred for his/her faith in the Muslim world every 5 minutes. It’s Genocide. When will it be reported as such?

  6. Genocide isn’t the right word, the closest I can come is theocide and I know that isn’t right. The left has spent so much time attacking Christianity is is a miracle that any attacks on Christians are reported, especially when you add in the racism of the left and the knowledge that the Christians aren’t whites.

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