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2 Replies to “Excellent short video on Islamic treatment of minorities in Muslim lands”

  1. If only our politicians had half the balls Shahbaz Bhatti had to stand against the Islamist scourge. Stephen Harper might recognize the threat but doing something about it is a whole other thing.

  2. I found this story very moving, and at times distressing. I am not a devout Christian
    but I do, by and large, try to live up to Christian values and can empathise with the
    contents of the video. The courage of Shahbaz Bhatti is an example to all our political
    leaders in the west to stand up to the scourge of militant Islam.
    What dismays me even more is the failure of our church leaders to come out strongly
    and denounce the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic countries, we cannot keep
    turning the other cheek. What we are witnessing at the moment is the death of the west with not a shot being fired.

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