Interview with EDL’s Matthew Stiddon

Last night I got what I had been waiting weeks and weeks for. A chance to interview Martin Brennan, former British soldier who has done tours in Afghanistan, and who left Europe because of the state he found it in when he returned to start a brick laying business in Australia, only to be confronted with the same issues of Islam and Western liberal democracy. He was deported from Oz on trumped up immigration charges (pay no attention to the leftists behind the curtain) and sent back to England after years away, and all his bank accounts are still frozen by the Australian government with no trial etc. but several weeks detention in jail.

The audio quality was exceptionally poor over skype however and I will have to do a transcription of this interview and subtitle it before it can be understood and appreciated for how important a story this actually is.

Eventually we figured out a way to make the audio decent at least using skype for video and a ‘mobi’ for the audio. Below, please see the interview I did with his friend, EDL’s Matthew Stiddon who has had his car “torched to a cinder” for openly opposing Islamification of his country, and predictably, not by Muslims but by the fascist, ‘Anti-Fascists’. Go figure.

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  1. As an American I have to thank sites like Vlad Tepes for getting the word out long ago that a movement existed and was growing which focused upon saving their nation from radical Islam.
    I have learned so much from the intelligent, knowledgeable and resourceful members of the EDL like Matthew.
    Matthew is dedicated in doing the dirty,dogged work that elected officials and government hacks are paid to do and be concerned about.
    Which is protecting and educating the community about the the wolves who no longer feel the need to lurk in sheeps clothing.
    If the politicians had the fortitude or foresight that the EDL harnesses the country wouldn’t be on the cusp of civil war. Tax dollars at work,ruining ones culture one penny at a time.
    Keep kicking ass!

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