Michael Coren actually tells the truth on TV and reacts appropriately to it.

Make sure you are seated and maybe have someone you trust ready to catch you when you hear this. Michael Coren does something no one ever does on TV.

Tells the simple truth without dancing around it and pre-digesting it for us.

I am going to bed happy tonight. A few more Michael Corens on mass media and I can go back to my life. Thanks Blazing and SDMATT2 for catching and posting this superb clip

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5 Replies to “Michael Coren actually tells the truth on TV and reacts appropriately to it.”

  1. Truelly an excellent point. If shariah is so compatable with civilized law why would we have to change anything to fit Shariah? Why would anyone be calling for sharia to be implemented? Why are there seperate courts for sharia jurisprudence in England?

    If they are so similar why do Muslim Botherhood operatives like Rauf speak about sharia at all? If it is so increadibly compatable, why isn’t he lauding western law in middle eastern countries instead of shilling for sharia in ours?

    If they were the same then the screeching durka durks we have so many photos of would be holding up plakards proclaiming “Sharia won’t conquer the west because the two systems are already so similar anyway!” But that’s not what those plackards read, now is it?

  2. The set the bogus-moderate rat was in while babbling lies about sharia and the US Constitution looked like, as usual, a place where there was no one that could have brought up the issues Coren has mentioned and expose him for all his dishonesty and false statements.

    I’ve seen moderate muslims myself, and a true moderate:

    – criticizes Mein Qurampf

    – most likely drinks alcohol

    – most likely eats pork

    – supports Israel’s right to defend itself against muslim terrorism

    – sees nothing wrong with depicting Mahound in cartoons

    I’ve met such people, but they seem to literally be like a few grains of sand on a very long beach as far as their numbers are concerned.

  3. What kind of retard goes to listen to such a man in the first place. Among the white population is their an equivalent group to the angry black who feels the white man is keeping him down. I think there is. I believe this white group thinks fascists, and christian fundamentalists are keeping things down and thank god for creatures such as this man who are here to empower the world with a new right thinking. It is easy enough to meet an angry black man but I have yet to meet a white person who thinks like this. Stop hiding and come and meet me.

  4. Michael Coren – A breath of fresh air. I’ve known for a long time that the Quran is not compatible with our Western values. Therefore, Islam is not and will never intergrate in our society. There’s nothing complicated in understanding this logic. For those who keep trying to support this idiology, try and find better arguments than calling the ‘debators’ names and do a better job at telling the truth about Islam’s idiology and the Quran. I’m willing to bet that your indoctrination will get in the way.

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