New plan to spot ‘right wing extremism’ in advance.

See the thing of it is, the very same people who would support and encourage this, I would wager a lot would howl with protest at McCarthyism and demand that old Joe spend his life in jail for his attempt to sanitize the USA from communism. Of course thefact that he was right for the most part about communism, the Soviet Union’s influence and Hollywood never seems to factor in.

From The Lancashire Telegraph

POTENTIAL right-wing extremists in Lancashire are to be spotlighted in a scheme originally set up to track would-be terrorists following the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks.

Police said the ground-breaking counter-terrorism programme Channel, which has so far concentrated at Islamic extremism, has been widened to take account of the rise in right-wing extremism in the county.

Parents, teachers, community leaders and police officers are referring children and young adults who they feel may be at risk of being radicalised by groups such as the English Defence League.

Officers who run the Channel project said they had redrafted programmes and guidance in response to the growth of right-wing organisations.

The move comes after Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Brevik was said to have been motivated by his extreme right-wing ideologies.

Since April’s high-profile EDL demonstration and counter-protest in Blackburn, in which 12 people were arrested, police said the project has received a number of referrals.

Channel is a national safeguarding initiative for individuals considered vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremists.

It is an early intervention strand of the Government’s counter-terrorism ‘Prevent’ strategy.

Insp Bilal Mulla, Lancashire’s Channel co-ordinator, said: “Channel is not a tool for spying.

“It is making people understand there may be vulnerable people who are targeted by those with radical views who had a different agenda.

“It is not about criminalising people, it is early intervention before radicalisation.

“Think about what happened in Norway. Do we really want that sort of thing to happen in Lancashire?”

Insp Mulla said he wanted to encourage people to refer any ‘signposts’ of right-wing or other types of extremism to his team.

“It is not much different to child sexual exploitation.

“It can happen online and people are ‘groomed’ into a certain belief and ideology.

“We are constantly seeking more referrals and we want people to understand what we do and what Channel is for.

“It is about us building trust and confidence and making sure the right messages get out.

“We put interventions in place, not investigations.

“If someone is not suited for the Channel project, we pass them on to other authorities such as Youth Offending, mental health practitioners, probation for example.

“Just because Channel doesn’t take them on, doesn’t mean there are not other interventions available.”

Since the EDL protest and counter-demonstration was held, Channel has had referrals from adults concerned about children being ‘radicalised’.

They said they had to update their literature to cater for the threat to community cohesion from right-wing groups.

Insp Mulla said: “We get referrals from a wide range of agencies and yes, more of these referrals are now for people associated with groups like the EDL.”

In one case, a teacher referred a pupil for a race hate crime.

His school is now working with the Channel team to look at his behaviour and his case will be put before the next panel later this month.

Insp Mulla said: “Teachers should be looking out for key indicators.

“Is the child not engaging with other communities? Are they writing concerning things in their exercise books like the 7/7 bombers did?

“We did have a number of individuals reported to us by our colleagues in the police after the EDL march.

“There were signs of vulnerability and it was right of the officers to flag it up.

“We spoke to their parents and dealt with it as low level criminality.”

The Channel programme has recently been streamlined to bring together experts from all agencies in the county to sit on one panel every two months, giving a more consistent approach to the referrals they assess from across Lancashire.

Lancashire’s counter-terrorism exercise ACT (All Communities Together) Now, which was the first of its kind in the country in 2008, has also seen a shift in emphasis to include right-wing extremism scenarios.

Community Cohesion Sgt Colin Dassow, who runs the courses, said: “Right-wing extremism is having a big influence on what we do.”

To contact Channel, call 01254 353638.


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12 Replies to “New plan to spot ‘right wing extremism’ in advance.”


    The opposition to these groups now in full force trying to blame them for the act of a mad man in Norway and now the riots of frenzied frustrated discontented youth in England… but it will not work. These groups will not be stopped.
    The truth lies in the daily life of the majority of working class, minute to minute, hour to hour, day after day, on the streets, in the shops, in the work place, on the school grounds and with all those who want to work and be trained for decent wage earning jobs, but are not able because of overpopulation through idiotic policies and the formation of the EU, the decaying infrastructure and loss of social order are the result of one thing and one thing only…….over immigration/refugee settlement and the deterioration of the mainstream culture and all that embodies and the working class sees it and knows it and is doing the only thing they can do in attempts to change it, organizing, protesting, and more recently just freaking out with the hopelessness of a leaderless country filled with spineless incompetents in positions of policy making and leadership…It may already be too late for many European countries
    Cultural relativity a cosmic joke…there are so many that can view the photos of the starving in which ever country is in the news ‘this year’, make a charitable donation, and then go about their daily life, humming and old Louis Armstrong melody, “Oh What a Wonderful World”

  2. This is Monsterous! Nobody in the press or police has named one single right wing extremist thing the EDL has ever done! The accusations are always extremely and intentionally veague. When saying that violence happened at their early demos the press and police NEVER add the simple fact that it was always the UAF and Muslim groups who started the violence.

    I have been watching this from American and have seen negative tones and labels applied to the EDL but have not once seen one single FACT that shows they are right wing or extreme in any way.

    Just because extreme groups react in an extreme way to the EDL does not make the EDL extreme. It means the people reacting to them are extreme.

  3. Bains: The story you linked to does not have any particulars at all about what case Inspector Mohammed Razaq was attempting to tamper with or how he was tampering. Could you please explain the significance? Just because he is muslim does not really signify anything as police from other backgrouds have done the same sorts of things. What the case is and what he was attempting to do is significant but not included in the article.

  4. Truthiocity:

    Frustrating isnt it? Well I think its safe to say that it is something that would make Islam/Muslims look bad, as if it was something that made indigenous British people, their culture or religion or lack thereof look bad, it would be splashed all over the article including the headline. I am tempted to post the article merely because when it comes to Islam today, lack of information is in fact information of a kind itself.

  5. I think what’s going on is actually quite significant to our future. Our culture needs to take their heads out of the sand and stand up for what’s right or history is bound to repeat itself!

  6. Though I do agree that children and teenagers should not be involved in the EDL. But not because they are right wing or extreme. They aren’t.

    The EDL is concearned with issues that are more understandable to adults and they require adult behavior at their demonstrations. Teenagers in the group would be very easy marks for agent provocateurs. Such people infiltrate enemy groups and try to find impressionable people to manipulate into doing something extreme that will hurt the infiltrated group. Or hormone crazed teens, without the self control of older people, could actully engage in violent or otherwise detrimental behavior that is not endorsed by the EDL and would make them look bad.

    Attending an EDL march requires adult self control and disipline that teenagers don’t have in the same capacity as adults.

    Also the drinking age in england is 18 but 16 if you’re with an adult who vouches for you. That is the fact. But many people who should know, don’t seem to realize that the laws have changed and the rules have become stricter then they were. There is sometimes drinking after EDL marches. 16 yr olds drinking alongside adults they don’t really know, some of which are soccer hooligans, while everyone is over exited after a rally= BAAAAD IDEA.

    And let’s not forget the UAF and muslim thugs who attack during and after the rallies. If I was a parent I absolutely would never consent for my child to be put in danger like that. As an adult it would be my right to go or not but I could never consent for someone under my legal guardianship to be placed in direct physical danger from a pack of ravening muslim psychos.

    I thought perhaps that adding the EDL to the groups being looked out for was merely a way to keep the PC police and muslim groups from complaining about the endevor signaling out muslims. They say they are getting referalls about the EDL but who knows if they are telling the truth.

    But by adding the EDL the government is attempting to influence the thinking of youth to believe without evidence that the EDL is a violent right wing radical group and something scary and criminal to stay away from. A really sleazy thing to do considering that they are middle of the road as far as conservative/libral is concearned and seek only to pressure the government to take action AND do not advocate direct action ever.

    There are extremist right wing groups like the National Front that have a warped world view and parents should absolutely prevent their teenage children from being involved in. The concearn about getting involved with the EDL at this stage is more one of safety and security both for the teenagers and for the image of the EDL.

  7. Eeyore: Definatly post the artilce and make a comment. It might develop into something or at least spur others to research better than the jornalist who wrote it up did. The most specific element in the article is that he “leads the Bolton West Neighbourhood Policing Team and has led crackdowns on anti social behaviour.” (I immediatly thought he might have illegally harrassed EDL members- partly because it was linked to here) It may be irrellevant but might have been specifically included by the reporter as a “read between the lines” sort of thing.

    Perhaps what particular anti social behavior he cracked down on might be relevant. Or who he cracked down on. Did he crack down on one sort of person but not another? One sort of infraction but not another? Did he decide sharia standards would be enforced? Is he trying to get some radical muslims or a grooming gang off the hook for something?

    However if he is found to be doing something a non muslim inspector would do, say try to use influence to help a relative who commited a nonviolent misdemeanor, then even if he’s breaking the rules he shouldn’t be castigated for fiddling the system in a way and in a situation that any other cop would.

  8. My point was that those in power who impose political draconian Quasi laws that punish free thought and “future, potential crimes” appear to be unstoppable. But there is still hope for those people who support freedom of speech and self determination as sometimes our senior state enforcers sometimes do not hide their own crimes sufficiently.I think you might discover a senior police inspector charged with “perverting the course of justice” is still a relatively rare occurrence.I was also trying to encourage the beleaguered English population who are tired of having the blessings of the multiculturalism shoved down our throats. Including a kind of bizarre ethnic supremacy,or perhaps an unofficial positive discrimination that allocates wealth and status on the grounds of “equality” rather than merit. This Senior officer was charged with the following……

    “Police confirmed inspector Mohammed Razaq, 51, was quizzed over allegations he tried to *****pervert the course of justice******* and has been suspended from the force”

    Read more:

    This one, is the most senior British police officer ever convicted of corruption offences. in three decades.

  9. The left has been doing things like this for years, out in the small town where I live we tend to ignore the efforts but in the big cities way too many people take them seriously. In the last couple of weeks the Obama administration has once again tried to make all of his political enemies out to be terrorists. Now Britain is copying this tactic and hopefully it won’t work over there any better then it works here.

    Having said that the political class must really be afraid of the EDL to keep demonizing them like they do, you don’t spend this much time and money attacking some group unless you are very afraid of them. This tells me that the EDL has a lot more support then the media lets on.

  10. This ammount to nothing less than the state now taking things to the next level by using legal means to dictate which discourse it deems as acceptable. Its nothing more than a program designed to catch “right-wing” dissidents before they have a chance to “radicalize.”

    Theres a clear difference with Islam, as there are concise definitions for which parts of Islam are considered seditious, such as the preaching of warfare against non-believers and and the establishment of sharia law as the only law of the land. Now the left wants to conveniently lump in “right wing” with it, as though theyre all morally relative and equivelent. In this case the definition of right wing is whatever the ruling inteligencia finds unacceptable. Pretty scary stuff when the police force basically just becomes a velvet- gloved KGB fist.

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