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5 Replies to “Religious Muslims take over the Tahrir Sq. Protests”

  1. I would never as white woman place myself in such danger in a sea of brown and black angry male humans. She is certainly braver than I am. Not long ago a female journalist was raped by such people. I am glad this journalist got out ok.

  2. On the broader note of the Islamists taking over that predicted by people at the very beginning of the protests by many many members of the counterjihad. These leftie journalists are always in some sort of dreamland.

  3. Please Eeyore don’t insult all of the dogs in the universe by comparing those things to them.

    Exceedingly White Woman the liberals/leftist are incapable of looking beyond their own view that all cultures are equal and that everyone will respect out culture and leave the leftists alone no matter what sex they are.

  4. I believe Muzzies are taught as children to sacrifice animals. This is all part of their earlier religious training. It is part of the desensited way in which they look at the world. It amazes me that lefties do not get this. They must have bonded with the muslims in such a way that they fear not to go into a seething mass of them when they know full well what they are capable of. It is possible that the woman reporter did take extra security with her. So that may explain it. It just shows the power of the mind. I do wonder how that previous journalist who was in fact raped, I believe her name was Lara Logan, is today in her thinking. It is something that I am curious about. Will she still be spouting the muzzies as victims of the big bad west line or will she have sobered up and changed her tune. As a woman these women do amaze me. I wonder if in their mind their moral superiority is all about the fact that they go into the crime dens of the worst the world has to offer and coming out with no scratches and a report. Maybe at their journalist cocktail parties they boast about such things in a discreet way.

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