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9 Replies to “Toronto District Schoolboard: “Only white people can be racist””

  1. I have met racist people of all shades. Now that is not racist. Besides I think calling White people white is a bit odd in itself. A lot of white people are hardly white. Some are slighty off colour white. Some are tanned and some are red as a tomato. I am talking to a redfaced one right now. He does not think he is white. When he looks in the mirror a red face looks back at him. He is still looking for a definition of himself.

  2. Just beheaded Ken Livingstone. Just Joking. I guess since he is white then according to this document he must be racist until he proves otherwise. He spends his life trying to prove he is not racist by hanging out with people who will behead him once his useful idiot act is over. He is the director of United against Fascism he in the UK.

  3. Wow — couldn’t believe I was actually watching Canadian television there, but good on ya! Is that program generally a conservative one?

  4. Sergius:

    Yes it is, but it is a very new network/station and there have been serious efforts by the leftist Canadian orthodoxy to prevent this show from going to air, and I am certain that these same elitists are working three shifts to get it off air. If there is one thing the left believes in as much as their own right to impose their opinions on the rest of us, it is their right to prevent alternate points of view from being available at all.

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