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6 Replies to “Finnish priest to be defrocked for calling a terrorist, “a terrorist””

  1. Yet more denial of reality from the leftist elites, who simply adore the vivid color and cozy comfort of their Emperor’s-New-Clothes fantasy realm.

    Also this from the female reporter: “…fair and politically correct”. A profound contradiction, surely.

    And this at the very end: “Do you feel that you live in a democratic country?” People need to make an important distinction here – the distinction between liberal democracy and social democracy: the former protects individual rights; the latter violates them.

  2. Yes, the old bait and switch with the democracy cliche. A pure democracy will always end itself under some type of authoritarian rule. Most often it merely means rule by the mob, or strongest, most violent group. I live under a Constitutional Republic that protects the unalienable rights of the individual. Unfortunately a fact which the adherents to “democracy” fail to observe lately. The irony here is that it is an outside Russian news outlet reporting this “betrayal”.

  3. During the 1920s the left setup many groups designed to use the laws and freedom of the free nations against the free nations, the Moslems are following in there footsteps and are building one the past damage.

  4. Nice blog. I’m linking to you.

    The Islamic terrorists have found the magic formula to operate in places like Finland. They use freedom of speech to promote their subversive and imperialistic agenda, but then attack as hate speech anything that questions their hate speech.

    I follow the situation in the Caucasus, including linking to the website Kavkaz Center. The campaign of “Emir Dokku Abu Usman” will spread throughout the Caucasus, then Russia, if left unchecked. The day will then come when Finns will pay dearly for their tolerance of this guy.

    A key facilitating factor for the militant Islamic agenda is the ties that authorities in the Kremlin and loyal to Moscow have with organized crime. Too often, the people see too little difference between the two sides, so decent people are apathetic.

    RT’s video clips default with the following: ‘object style=”height: 390px; width: 640px”‘; later, in the HTML, these dimensions repeat. If you decrease the width so the video will fit nicely inside the post, then decrease the height proportionally, it will not run off to the right of the post when displayed.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. The lack of objective reporting and free speech in Finland- not a surprise from the ashes of “Finlandization,” and of note the not-too-distant “rapes” and the suppression of free speech about them.

  6. The story is rubbish, a really poor excuse for journalism.

    Molari isn’t facing disciplinary measures within the Finnish Church because of saying a terrorist is a terrorist. He’s there because he’s allegedly said that anyone coming from Caucasus to Finland as a refugee has terrorist connections. That’s libelous. There are also claims that he’s wished his opponents to be assassinated – hardly appropriate speech for a priest.

    This is a case of two nutty fringe groups waging war on each other: kavkazcenter (who is publishing propaganda for the Chechens) and safka (who is publishing propaganda for the chauvinist end of Russophiles).

    In this case, the problem isn’t the political left marrying islamofascists. Here the issue is an obscure branch of “anti-fascism” where “fascist” means anything that does not approve of Russian hegemony.

    Remember, it’s election time in Finland, Molari is a candidate, and he seems to think that any publicity is good publicity. Fortunately he has no chance of making it to the parliament.

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