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3 Replies to “‘Islamic Human Rights and Freedom Organization’ plans to violate Israel’s land, sea, and air space with flotilla”

  1. He’s mistaken, isn’t he? Surely it is Islam that has “infected humanity like a virus” – isn’t it?

    Islam is a robust and highly structured political ideology based on a monumental floating abstraction – Allah – and persists only because too many people are too lazy to think rationally.

    It is time for Israel’s leaders to think rationally and to realize that Israel’s mere survival – let alone its continuing thriving prosperity – depends upon nothing less than military victory against its neighboring Islamic aggressors – a victory that depends utterly upon its enemies’ unconditional surrender.

    A book worth reading: Nothing Less Than Victory: Decisive Wars and the Lessons of History by John David Lewis.

  2. If the Caliphate has reformed enough to start the war on Israel when the new moves to ship weapons to Gaza start they will use this as the excuse for attacking Israel.

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