Child abuse at Muslim schools in the UK caught on video

Not sure yet, but this looks like it might be part of the British Dispatches TV special on hatred taught in English mosques. I hope to have that all tonight and available to see somehow. Working on it now.

KitmanTV did this excerpt

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  1. `Dispatches: Lessons in Hate and Violence will not be available on 4oD at this time, due to an ongoing police investigation concerning subjects featured in the programme.` 4oD is channel 4`s web streaming site.

    The police who will investigate this are the same police who attempted to charge channel 4 for exposing “undercover mosque” instead of the imans shown on camera guilty of hate speech.The same police who tried to send Nick Griffin to prison for seven years for highlighting the Muslim paedophile gangs in 2004 it has took till 2011 for the media to discover this phenomenon. The same police who sit on the police liaison committees with Muslim local government councillors who`s family members are busily carrying out such crimes in the certain knowledge their uncles on their police committees can “smooth things over”.And the same police who are persuaded that any enforcement of the law might endanger or inflame “community cohesion”.

  2. If this is what the filth they teach and the method they employ. The bullying can be used on the streets later by the muslim children to intimidate the non-muslim children. With all this hate its natural you get some very arrogant muslims who dont care for any other non- muslim. Close down all the mosques and religious study centres of muslims.

  3. I had a feeling things were not right. This journalist is a brave women, a pakistani women who also covered the inbreeding of her community.Wow she is a force to be reckoned with. She reminds me of the mighty Pastor Manning who is not afraid to take the Black community to task for racism in the US. Sometimes the reason why communities fail is that they lack a culture of self critical thinking. With the white community unfortuanately this good charactierisic has gone into overdrive and needs to be tamed somewhat in order to bring about a healthy level of self critical thinking and not the self destructive levels we have today.

  4. Muslim leaders predictable response to Islamic debauchery.

    1. First deny it.
    2. State that culpable person has been fired or has left.
    3. This is not Islam. Islam is about Tolerance of other people and faiths.
    4. Blame the messenger ( Channel 4), and Right Wing groups.
    5. Islamophobia.

    Please add if I have forgotten anything.

  5. peadophile prophet you are right, our ability to be critical of ourselves has gone into overdrive, this was done deliberately so the left could try and create a world wide socialist government. They are failing in achieving their goal so with luck we will stop being so critical of ourselves.

    DP111 I caught that but since it was the Guardian I figured it was business as usual and didn’t comment on it, anymore then I would about the hate for the conservatives in the NYTimes, or on one of the big 3 TV networks in the states.

  6. Richard the whole issue with self critical thinking is not to wallow in it as a form of masochistic political ideology. This is the sad state of affairs in the West today. I am hopeful that this form of thinking is now on the way out. The far left does itself now favours by siding with muslims. Muslims who are far away and who are fat and well looked after such as the Palastinians are ok. Get in bed with those muslims by all means as that is their muslim meal ticket from the dole of the internationalcommmunity and is popular with everyone and will get the required pat on the back to all the lefty/muslim participants. However, getting into bed with every muslim on the planet is clearly wearing the left out. The Left are shagged out as we say in our vulgar way in Britain. Chris Harman the person responsibe for choosing the muslims as the group to get into bed with may still be in bed with them even now that he is dead. Muslim men may go round to his grave and fondle him intimately as a thankyou. This may even be a regular act of reverence, carried out nightly by the fierce but lonley necrophiliac jihadis of the UK. These muslims may even get carried away but we will turn our eyes away at this point. Chris Harman is a not a well known name but it is important for everyone in the counterjihad to know his name. It is his ideological thinking that created the the modern alliance of the Red of communism and the green of Islam. The Red/Green alliance is one of the mightiest political movements of the modern world and it owes its existence to Chris Harman, a British political theorist.

  7. I understand what you are saying and personally try to look at the good as well as the bad in all nations and cultures, the problem arises when you can’t find anything good about a culture.

    Yes we need to remember the name of Chris Harmon and ensure it is a name that will live in infamy for the damage to civilization his political theories have caused.

    And I have to love the way you can cuss someone or some group out without ever using one dirty word, as a former Sergent in the US Army I take my hat off to you. Personally when things get to the cussing stage I can’t keep my temper enough not to use the dirty words.

  8. If I knew that kind of activity was happening in my neighborhood I’d organize a little assault of my own – anyone known to have beaten a child would be beaten themselves, publicly, and their “school” razed to the ground. Brown, white, yellow, green – it’s about child abuse, not “race” or “religion”.

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