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8 Replies to “…and what would Valentines day be without a hysterical rant by a moron.”

  1. As I have said before these Imams and so-called religious leaders are trapped in the 7th century and cannot and will not accept any form of change. Every generation has something new that is more modern and different from the previous. More than anything else these hard liners are against any enjoyment of life, even good clean fun. Their religious dictatorships are threatened by anything different or modern. In Egypt, Iran, and other Islamic countries the young and young adults see how the rest of the world lives and would like to have freedom and just some plain enjoyment out of life. IMHO modern music, yes rock and roll had much to do with the end of the Soviet era, it was not political but cultural. The more that the Imams and the Mullahs try to outlaw modernity and popular culture the more the young people will resist. The young are taking to the streets again in Iran.

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