Sharia in Canada: Muslim parents want kids excused from music, co-ed gym.

From The Ottawa Citizen

Muslims want children excused from music, mixed phys-ed classes

By Nick Martin, Winnipeg Freepress

February 5, 2011


The school division has alerted Education Minister Nancy Allen about the situation because music and phys-ed are compulsory in the province’s elementary schools. Photograph by Max Whittaker/The New York Times XX

WINNIPEG — A dozen Muslim families who recently arrived in Canada have told Winnipeg’s Louis Riel School Division that they want their children excused from compulsory elementary school music and coed physical education programs for religious and cultural reasons.

“This is one of our realities in Manitoba now, as a result of immigration,” said superintendent Terry Borys. “We were faced with some families who were really adamant about this. Music was not part of the cultural reality.”

Borys said the school division has alerted Education Minister Nancy Allan about the situation since music and phys-ed are compulsory in the province’s elementary schools.

There have been no issues so far with children of middle-school or high-school age, he said.

The families accept physical education, as long as the boys and girls have separate classes, but do not want their children exposed to singing or the playing musical instruments, Borys said. The division has suggested they could instead do a writing project to satisfy the music requirements of the arts curriculum.

However, a local Muslim leader says there is no reason for young kids to be held out of music or phys-ed classes based on religious and cultural grounds.

“Who is advising them? My first concern would be who are these new immigrants talking to?” said Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of the Islamic Social Services. “This is the first time I am hearing this; I’m not very happy about it.”

Siddiqui said there is no problem with elementary-school children taking coed phys-ed, at least “not with little kids under the age of puberty.”

She said when some middle-school and high-school students have asked not to mix genders, they have been accommodated by schools.

Siddiqui acknowledged that music can be an issue — but only for a few people.

“Music is controversial in our community; this is a North American phenomenon,” she said. “There is a minority view that music is forbidden. (That view) is not accepted by the majority.”

Borys said that there had been one or two requests for kids to be excused previously, but this year a dozen families came forward at six schools.

Borys said that school division contacted a member of the Islamic community whom the parents suggested, consulted the Manitoba Human Rights Commission and looked at what other jurisdictions are doing about accommodation, particularly Ontario.

The division is trying to figure out what issues might arise when the children enter junior high or high school, he said.

Music is optional beyond Grade 6, but phys-ed is coed right through Grade 12.

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23 Replies to “Sharia in Canada: Muslim parents want kids excused from music, co-ed gym.”

  1. Does this apply to both muslim boys and girls or only girls, I wonder?

    What if they objected to science classes teaching evolution, how would they be accommodated?

    Perhaps muslim immigrants to Canada should first determine if our society meets their religious standards before settling here.

    Of course it may not matter because muslim immigrants are considered to be the Islamic vanguard for the muslim ‘ummah’ (world).

  2. This is disgusting.

    Music is something that makes us human.

    We have only one world, not one for men and one for women.

    No integration – no need to immigrate to here. We welcome immigration but please, not immigrants who abhor our society and demand special laws.

    Remember the law? This goes all the way from the highest courts to school policy.

    We can no longer keep such a passive approach to this. It’s in our face now.

  3. As far as I’ve seen, Mohammed hated pretty much all forms of art with the exception of his own verses, which rhymed – apparently – kinda like rap. Yeah, I know. The Prophet was a Rapper. That is one of the reasons given for the infallibility of Mohammed – that his poetry (The Holy Quran) is too great to have been conceived by an ordinary, illiterate man. I’ve always wondered how a Meccan business administrator wouldn’t have known how to read and write, but that’s just me…

  4. The thing is, I think Islam was constructed – quite purposefully – to be impossible to co-exist with. The prohibitions in Islam seem arbitrary until you see that they may exist for the sole purpose of causing trouble with the Infidel neighbors. Trouble is what the Quran wants, because the solution to trouble is always submission to Allah and obedience to the Quran. The Persians were great herders and had a great dog tradition, just like the English and many others. Gee, the Quran hates dogs. Jews love music and art and wine. The Quran bans all those things. It’s as if Islam has barbs. Clever guy, Mohammed. And don’t the Islamists of today hate everything that America and the West loves? Same as then.

  5. It is remarkable that these people left their countries often due to oppression and yet they carry the sh.t responsible for it with them anywhere they go. As Chris Jones suggests, intolerance to anything non-islamic is typical. Very strange people indeed. However, they are smart enough to know that we instead of stopping this BS right in the beginning will be beautifully accomodating. Sharia or anything resembling it has no place in Canada. Prime minister Harper, stop muslim immigration to Canada now! Thank you.

  6. I love the way Muslim group officials still try to spin the thread that it’s only a minority with such views. It’s simply not the point. The point is not whether 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 Muslim families hold this view, it’s what we do about it that matters.

    Public schools have compulsory music classes and co-ed gym. No sharia compliance. If that’s not suitable, find an alternative in another country.

  7. Grace: you are absolutely right in saying that “Public schools have compulsory music classes and co-ed gym. No sharia compliance. If that’s not suitable, find an alternative in another country.” Canada is a predominantly Christian country which is reflected in their liberal school curricula. If these people do not like it, then they should be advised by the Government to leave to another country of their choice. Period. Integrate or leave, it’s that simple.

  8. If they hate our culture so much, then why are they attracted here? Same thing all over the world.

    Our Immigration Department should determine the intent of all applicants towards sharia-law principles, and the direct question: Will you assimilate?

    Hell, I’ll devise a test for them, for free.

    We’d better get our act together because if we get as few as 5% muslims infiltrated into our government it will be too late to protect ourselves and avoid the ugliness which Europe is beginning to experience.

  9. Simply put. No more accommodations. The question often asked is why do they come here if they don’t want to integrate? Simple. They come here for the social benefits which in turn support their ultimate goal – islamization of the world. Wake up people.

  10. This is what happens with the you let the left start making special laws for special people, of course the special people are always the ones the left loves. One law for everyone that is the only way to go.

  11. Quote:
    Music is something that makes us human.
    end quote.

    When you have “sweet boys” with the help of debased music and musicians, then music in the curriculum makes you kind of insecure.
    Here in the West, music is high art, and musicians are honored.
    Not so in Islam.

  12. Too bad that all the teachers that have had to put up with islamics in the school system are not able to ever speak out about their demeaning degredation at the hands of these loud mouthed bullies, that the politically correct just allow to have their way
    How many serious situations are created by these parents who come here and refuse to accept integration, and defiantly push their children to wear hijab at the age of 7 and 8 and also wear extreme oils and purfumes that all the rest of the children and schools must tolerate
    It is clearly outrageous and because most people in Education are middle level intellects who bow down and never speak out about these clear injustices of a few immigrants or refugees, at the cost of the many, all the rest who have to put up with this bullshit, in many case, especially somolis
    jump at the chance to get in your face and try to get a power hold on an caring school employee who may try to help them integrate,
    In one situation, I personally had to call in many social workers in order to try to help the retard, and in the end she sabatoged her child, and tried to get me fired, Such sweetness in these new Canadians

  13. oops just reread the above and must correct, educators as middle level intellects is insulting and overstated, braindead bureaucrats is more accurate description

  14. Muslim private schools do not have music. They are trying to impose their ways on the rest of us and they need to be rejected. Otherwise they will continue to muslimize our North American schools. Next will be a demand for prayer rooms, no ham sandwiches, and sharia creeps into Canadian schools. I hope school officials grow some backbones and don’t cave to these intolerants.

  15. Reading these comments is very hurtful, whether they are toward Muslims or not. How hard have our hearts become that we cannot tolerate the views of other people? How egotistical have our societies become that all we care about is ourselves? Me, me, me. We’re not animals, come on! Caring only about our own desires and needs. No, we live in a world where there WILL be people of religions, races, and beliefs other than our own, this is a fact, whether you like it or not. The only way to deal with it is to be civilized, accept people for who they are and don’t try and shove our ideals down their throats.

    Who are you to say Muslims hate you? Do you know their intentions? Do you know them inside out, are you close to any of them? They are people, trying to live their lives, the way you are with yours. So have a heart and learn a bit of respect. For the sake of humanity.

  16. Miss. Anoni Mouse,

    Canada is a liberal, secular, open society. People who choose to come to this country should accept and respect these values. Those who reject them for whatever reason hold intolerant views. There is no place for sharia in Canada.

  17. Miss Anoni Mouse

    Are you kidding? Seriously! you must be joking.
    First of all, comments made to the effect that people immigrating to Canada must integrate in our society doesn’t not translate to ‘we hate xxxxxx’ What nonsense!
    All it means is that people who immigrate to Canada know before coming what our culture and values are and by coming to this country, they CHOOSE to join our community, including the culture and values we hold dear, which by the way, are the reasons why Canada is what it is today.
    If they are not willing to integrate, they are free to leave. They have no right to demand special accommodation, especially those based on their ‘left behind’ culture to come to Canada. And no, religion is not a factor in this either. They are free to practice their religion as they wish. They just have to learn that in Canada, religion and state are separate and that we in the western world will never accept sharia law. Period. It is not compatible with our culture.
    Oh, and in closing, don’t use this garbage ‘not having a heart and learn to respect them, etc.’. These people are coming here and would be wise to first respect the country they are welcomed in before expecting respect back.
    You are in need of some serious soul searching. . .

  18. I can tolerate many views Ms. Mouse as long as they are not coming from Islamists who seek to deliberately undermine the long established values that Canadian institutions are based on. A few years ago, radical Muslim students at an Ontario university demanded that sharia standards be adopted in their fine art class. I remember it well, as it was the first story I posted to Vlad. Being a graduate of an art school, I had a particular interest in this story. This story is no different.

    Of course these Muslim university students signed up for the class fully aware that the life drawing class would include drawing segments with half-clothed and naked models. They understood they would be required to participate in and complete in full context, the class instruction in order to obtain a passing mark toward graduation requirements.

    Despite this, they demanded the art department make an exception for their sharia standards. The demand was denied by the head of the department and rightfully so. Music, as any western art may not be part of these families cultural norm, but it is Canada’s cultural norm along with co-ed gym class.

    Muslims in Canada are free to practice their religion. Some are even free to demand sharia law. But in no way is it a sign of egotism to reject sharia in defence of Canada’s liberal values.

    If I were easily hurt Miss Mouse, I’d cry at you suggesting that Canadians are nothing but a bunch of hard hearted animals, interested only in ourselves, our needs and desires. If I was easily hurt, I’d weep over the fact that you claim we are un-civilized. If I were easily hurt, I’d shed tears over the fact that despite the fact that Canada welcomes more immigrants yearly that any other nation on earth, you infer we’re intolerant. And if I were easily hurt, I’d fall to pieces over your arrogance. But since I’m not easily hurt, I’ll stick to the issue. Sharia standards have no place in any Canadian public institution.

  19. Hi all
    I am a Muslim, a migrant and a musician. First, I would like to appreciate the welcoming of the Canadians; Australians and all the countries, who have recently hosted migrants from allover the world. It really shows the sympathy of the white
    race in specific, however, a bit of empathy would have resonate the harmony to a beautiful cadenza. The issue of music and religion is not exclusive for Muslims. It seems to be arises from the nature of humans and their differ-ent ways of thinking; an ongoing debate between dogmatic believe, extremism and intolerance, against cognitive thinking, tolerance and moderate understanding of religion. An example for that, the Jehovah witnesses; the Puritans and Calvinists, who condemn secular music.
    Let me tell you a bit of what Qur’an says about prohibited things in general: Say: The things that my Lord hath indeed forbidden are: shameful deeds, whether open or secret: sins and trespass-es against truth or reason; assigning of partners to God, for which He hath given no authority; And Saying things about God of which ye have no knowledge. (Qur’an 7: 33). “Say: Who hath forbidden?the beautiful (gifts) of God, which he hath produced?for His servants,?and the things, clean and pure (which he hath provided) for sustenance? Say: They are in the life of this world, for those who believe, (and) pure-ly for them on the Day?Of Judgment. Thus do we explain the signs in detail for those who understand (Qur’an 7: 32 ).
    Al Qaradawi, one of the contemporary Muslim scholars, explains the lawful and unlawful in Islam. He states: “In Islam good is halal and bad is haram. This principle is also supported by this verse in Qur’an: “He enjoins on them that which is right and for-bids them which is wrong, and makes lawful for them all good things and prohibits for them only the foul” (Qur’an VIII: 157). Finally, most of the Muslims, who take the religion harshly, they can’t handle it. Our prophet Mohamed said “This religion is easy. No one becomes harsh and strict in the religion without it overwhelming him. So fulfil your duties as best you can and rejoice” . This hadith is clearly promoting the concept of moderation in the proper Islamic context

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