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3 Replies to “Your laugh of the day.”

  1. So it begins, the rule of the proletariat. and when did this happen without bloodshed on a major scale?
    Why does it always happen, the stupid fantasies of the Middle Classes, people who don’t have to live by the results of their own decisions, until it’s too late that is.
    Democracy has to be changed, the results of policies have to impinge on the very people who decide the policies.
    That way this disconnect between reality and “utopian” fantasy, will be broken.
    If it’s possible it has to be done. If it isn’t possible, the the JCB’s of the workers revolution will be digging mass graves in England’s green and pleasant land.
    The Middle Classes will deny their responsibility for the carnage to come, while they queue to be killed, secure in their delusions.

  2. Ofcourse we all know it, but the BBC is one big rotting centre of dhimmi’s and islamapologists. It is sickening to see people so vehemently denying the agressive and totalitairian islam. In my eyes, the english people who’re holding their hands above ‘the religion of peace’ are downright colaborators and should be put to justice for treason.

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