Canada’s National Post: Graphic: Anatomy of a stoning

Graphic: Anatomy of a stoning NATIONAL POST

November 20, 2010 – 10:11 am

In Saturday’s National Post we look at the brutal practice of stoning. This method of execution is still practiced in certain countries, notably Iran, where it is used to punish adulterers and other criminals. The graphic below looks at how a stoning occurs (click on graphic for a full-size version):

Part one

Adam McDowell, Asmahan Giarrit, Jonathon Rivait, Richard Johnson/National Post

Part two

Adam McDowell, Asmahan Giarrib, Jonathon Rivait, Richard Johnson/National Post


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4 Replies to “Canada’s National Post: Graphic: Anatomy of a stoning”

  1. They were the barbarian hordes of the ancient world. The Greeks were forced to subdue them. Then they got taken over by Arabs in the middle ages and now fully taught in the arab barbarian ways they are the Shia barbarians of the modern world while their conquerers in Saudi Arabia are the Sunni barbarians of the modern world. Sometimes embarrassed by their barbarian ways they invent golden ages and try to teach them to us so as to deflect our attention from the stoning to death of an adultress outside their golden age classroom.

  2. They are sick, and barbarians, I wish more people would pay attention and start working to stop them from pushing us back to barbarism. Of course the way the left has destroyed the educational systems of the west it isn’t that far a trip any more.

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