Sweden and Canada ups its anti white, anti Jewish government messages

Watch this video made by the government of Sweden, and remember, this was broadcast on Swedish state TV. This is their message…

I have had the above video sitting here as a draft for some time now, unsure of what to do with it. It is so horrifyingly immoral a message, that the state would presume to tell people who to have sex with for political reasons, (Multi racialism and Multiculturalism is going to work if we have to force every girl in Sweden to abandon any traditional notion of sexuality or family to do it) that I simply didn’t know how to post it. I keep thinking of Trudeau and how he lied to us all when he said, “The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” and then promptly started passing laws about sex.

Then, Blazing Catfur sent me the following add campaign from Edmonton, a sample of which is below:

Update: City of Edmonton “Anti-Racism” hate poster sports Kafeiyah clad Jew Baiting message – see below

It was only a matter of time.

EDMONTON – Controversy is brewing over a city-sponsored anti-racism campaign that calls on Caucasians to recognize their “white privilege“.

Mao comes to Edmonton.

We’ve seen this communist nonsense before, from Crazed HRC Cultist Barbara Hall whose OHRC finds us all guilty of “White hegemony

If ‘white privilege’ was real…

Please click over to BCF for the rest.

What can I say. Western civilization, stick a fork in us. We are done.

Is that a Kafeiya the chicky is wearing in the Poster! Looks like they coloured it green to me. Some anti-racism message – No jews and whites!

Oh Goody you can leave them a message about their “diversity initiatives

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9 Replies to “Sweden and Canada ups its anti white, anti Jewish government messages”

  1. Actually, see that it gets as much distribution as possible in the Muslim world – and the bits about Afghanistan and Inshallah in technicolour. Annoy the right peopel – fatwa?
    Ask why not a fatwa.

  2. We are seeing the same thing in the US schools, the girls are being told they have to sleep with a black to prove they aren’t racist! Welcome to the world the left has created.

  3. The strange new national post is featuring a story about huffpo putting a divorce section on their site.

    I wonder when huffpo will be promoting late nite blue movies on the alphabet msm

  4. Satire? How so? What are they making fun of? I’d say that is a blatant piece of state propaganda which repeatedly depicts white people as inept, soul-less, unhip, stiff little plastic Barby Dolls who need to have sex with big-mouthed, smart-assed black guys as soon as possible, in order to get cool. I really don’t care who has sex with whom, but I don’t like the idea of the Government having an opinion on the matter – either way. And the kicker is, a million working Swedes have to work for another couple of seconds to pay for the privilege of seeing this video. The only videos the state should be paying for are films about road safety or proper lifting techniques, not vulgar, inappropriate, rap garbage like this.

  5. Chris you got it right, this video is meant to make all whites look bad, and to influence young girls, one thing the conquers use to do is to demean the women of the conquered tribe/nation/race to keep the lower classes down and to prove to the men they really aren’t men since they can’t protect their women. I wonder if they learned this technique from studying history or if someone thinks he invented it?

  6. I could be wrong and very likely am, but that video is like a parody of Multiculturalism and its anti White (Male) anti European underpinnings.

    It’s kind of like the video put out by the Environutters, with children and unethusiastic citizens being blown up with blood and guts everywhere.

    Could very well be unintentional, as these people are so far up their own bungholes, they dont even realize that they arent keeping up appearances anymore.

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