Canadians. Please watch.

There is nowhere in my discussions with fellow Canadians where the gulf is wider, whether it be conservatives or no, then when we talk gun control. Even when I talk with friends who have identical views to my own on all other matters, no where is 40 years of post Trudopia conditioning more apparent than when the subject of gun ownership comes up.

Once again, thank you Bill Whittle for the clear voice of sanity. I sometimes think genius is defined by the ability to state the obvious clearly. Mr. Whittle does that with great precision.

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  1. My favorite quote on Gun Control: The theory that a woman, found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

    Forget who said it first but it’s a keeper.

  2. The American right to keep and bear arms is a descendant of the Saxon tradition of “let all freemen be armed”, this Saxon tradition lasted for centuries because the Royals of Britain insisted that all free men have bows and were forced to practice with them. This fact allowed little England remain free and to dominate the European battlefield until the muskets gained a semi-reliable ignition system. It was imported into the US by the English, Scottish and Welsh immigrants, and written into the Constitution to protect that right for all time. The American Revolution was touched off by the English Army trying to confiscate privately held weapons, granted some of them were probably stolen from the English but most weren’t. In my opinion all other nations founded by the English need to start standing up and reclaiming their heritage of the right to keep and bear arms.

  3. I agree with you 100% Richard. It all began with the Magna Carta in 1215 and we have come too far to let any government take away any of our civil liberties, freedom, or basic rights.

  4. No, Switzerland didn’t exist when the Saxons were running around Europe, Switzerland was created out of France and the Austrian Empire shortly after the Templar’s were suppressed in the 1200’s. The Swiss was the premire mercenaries of Europe for several hundred years, they specialized in pikes and to the best of my knowledge never ran up against English or Welsh bowmen. Their supremacy on the battlefield lasted until the development of muskets and wheel-lock pistols for the cavalry. I wish the schools paid more attention to history these days.

  5. Thanks Frank, we have been come way too far to let wanna be feudal lords take our freedom away, as Heinlein put it “you can’t enslave a freeman, the worst you can do is kill him.”

  6. Well, one can own a handgun and one can own a long gun…the issue is that the state knows you own a handgun and own a long gun. My preference is the compound bow and the crossbow. Not exactly concealable weapons…but they’ll do when the time comes.. and the time is Soooo coming.!

  7. Steakman you are right, although you are leaving out a shotgun as well as a rifle, but in the state I live in they don’t know who owns the guns, and the Feds may have to agree to me buying from a dealer but not an individual.

    As to the Bow and Crossbow, I am 64 with a bad back, bad heart and bad lungs, my time with a bow or crossbow are long past. But I would suggest that you stick with the compound for combat and leave the crossbow for hunting, the reason it never allowed the Europeans to defeat the English was its slow rate of fire. The long bow was replaced with muskets with a slower rate of fire but a quicker learning curve, anyone who is willing to learn can learn how to fire a rifle, shotgun or handgun accurately in one week for each type. With a bow it takes a lot longer.

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