Vigelante justice and Scandinavia.

This is interesting. Yet when one white guy like Bernard Goetz actually shoots genuine violent criminals in the act of committing a crime against him, and acted in genuine self defence at the moment, it means a lifetime of being in court, of having your life destroyed with infamy and on it goes. Meanwhile, gangs of Muslims in Sweden travel around in cars full of illegal weapons actually hunting a criminal for which they have no description and not a cop in sight.

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  1. If the Moslems start killing people who have the same last name as the shooter it will force the Swedish Government to react, and if they don’t come down on the Moslems hard they will not survive as a government. Having said that this may be the beginning of the massive civil war/race war in Europe, as I said before the Swedish Government can’t ignore this and the Swedish people are not going to be able either. Welcome to the future the Moslems want to create for us.

  2. That little ayrab sure seems to have a lot of guts, doesn’t it (not he)? But that’s only because it expects to get the sniper and his/her family members accompanied by at least a dozen other ayrabs for each of those they want to catch… If the little ayrab found itself alone in front of the sniper, and both were to face each other with bare hands, I’m sure Mr. Anatolian Macho Man would shriek and scream, much like a pre-pubescent girl in a mahoundian country does before they undergo what Aisha went through at age 9 with Mahound.

  3. Muslims are aggressive in the West, as they have the support of the authorities. But this wont last. Even in Sweden the political climate is changing ( yes Climate Change but not the type that Lefties want), ad if the politicos do not change, they will be the ones standing in line in the dole queue.

    We are heading for a civil war but I hope that does not happen before the war that is coming with the Islamic world. When that starts, military conscription will be mandatory on both sides of the divide, and our main problem will be over.

  4. DP111, I think that the sniper is already a sign of the beginning of a civil war… I’ve read stuff at Gates of Vienna about how the omission and dereliction of duty of both the judicial systems and authorities who are supposed to protect law-abiding individuals in civilized societies would eventually have to be filled somehow. While targeting random mahoundians can only fill the void partially, by making mahoundians live in the fear that the authorities have never inspired in them in the first place that is, eventually ordinary citizens will have to take matters in their own hands in order to punish those violating the law, since PC/MC-islamophilic leniency and lax law-enforcement no longer allow it to be done through due process. It has already happened in the Swedish town of Vännäs, where the refusal from the police to act against mahoundians which (not who) had raped and beaten a few local girls made a group of folks send bogus refugees from Iraq (the group that the rape-jihadists were members of) running away from their paid-for-by-the-Swedish-taxpayer future ghetto.

    I think we’ll eventually see more and more of this and, as the authorities act against those filling the law-enforcement void in an attempt to allow mahoundians to continue committing their crimes without punishment, I really expect more people to get angry and turn on both the state and the mahoundians it coddles.

  5. The rule of the common law is dead wherever Muslims are in the majority.

    I say; ship them all back by force if necessary and never ever let them come back.

    Wherever they settle, they bring destruction and death. Wherever they settle, they bring sharia law and ruthlessly try to enforce it on others.

    Send them all back and take back Europe and the western world.

  6. what a disgusting specimen of a human being: pure thuggery and evil, no doubt ‘justified’ by the Quran
    that housing estate looks a real ‘no-go’ area for non-Muslims, and probably the Police too.
    and what was going on with that car driving very fast at the end of the clip? perhaps a hint that kaffirs should not set foot in the area

  7. When I was in high school this is typical type of talking. But in reality those that said that didn’t mean it.

    But for Islam they don’t recognize western law only Sharia. Which criminal sharia law isn’t practiced in Europe yet.

    It will be interesting if it turns out to be a muslim killing muslims in order to create more problems.

  8. The idea that the sniper is a Moslem who is trying to create the appearance of racists attacks is a good one, so far almost all of the anti-Moslem incidents in the US have been staged by Moslems.

    If on the other hand the sniper is not a Moslem this is probably the opening shots in the civil war, this war will be fought by those who want to remain free against the Moslems and their political allies who are using the Moslems to destroy the West.

  9. This is all part of how it works, unfortunately. They keep pushing the Infidels until they finally get mad and start fighting back, then they can claim that they are being attacked, and that Islam only fights defensively. They have been trying as hard as they can to create a Laserman for years. Nothing could make the Imams happier than for some white Christian, or better, jew, to start potting Muslims at random. It would prove beyond any doubt, and for all time, and on all matters, that they are right and that we are wrong. As the Muslim immigrant populations grow, the door of opportunity for a semi-reasonable solution to all this, swings ever more shut.

  10. The door of opportunity for any type of reasonable, semi or otherwise swung shut a long time ago, that happened when Mohammad died and his cult continued to grow. As far as the Moslems are concerned any solution other then their conquering the world is not on the table, even the mythical moderate Moslem supports the Itemization of the free world. Welcome to the real world.

  11. By semi-reasonable, I mean without cities in flames and casualties in the millions. Imagine how hard it would be if the Muslim population was forty-percent and they made up half the police force, say. How about the federal civil service (‘Bin to Ottawa lately? the Shwarmas are to die for!) It could be worse . It could be hopeless. I believe that if people would just smarten the ^$#-up, we could maybe survive this. The important thing is that we don’t let them think they can win.

  12. It would be nice if saving the European cultures didn’t require a war, but as far as I can see the Moslems won’t allow that, they sense weakness and are out to conquer the world. That was what Mohammad ordered them to do and they are working hard to achieve this goal.

  13. I doubt very much this is a muslim. However, that is certainly an interesting line of thought. However, let us assume he is not muslim and is a Swedish guy. This does not mean he is on the side of the anti-jihad. He could just be a serial killer. However, let us assume he is not a serial killer but is a stone cold anti-jihad warrior. Then things do get interesting. We will have to see how things pan out before we make a judgement. I myself would be delighted that he is an anti-jihad warrior of Viking blood. The sniper rifle replaces the axe but the passion and vitality is the same. No room for pacifist in this war.

  14. He could be Moslem, or he could be a sicko serial killer, or he could be an anti-jihadist, of the three possibilities the sicko is the least likely choice. I would give the other two about 50-50 percentages, either way things are going to get real scary in Scandinavia over the winter. Personally I expect him to stop once the snow starts falling and wait until the snow is off the ground so his get away isn’t complicated by bad roads.

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