There is another twisted, psychotic evil in the world…

Every-time you think you understand the depth and breadth of human cruelty, you discover your own limited, and perhaps mercifully so, imagination. I happened to catch a celebration of the passing of the torch to Kim’s son in North Korea on TV last night. A nation that is willing to force an entire people to starve to the point where they are actually by average measurably shorter than their south Korean counterparts on average just to maintain the thinnest possible mirage of superiority to the west. It staggers the mind that university students would not dare to walk around in Nazi paraphernalia, but would sport every kind of communist symbol they can find with pride.

Communism did and still does, logarithmically more horror, slavery and cruelty than the Nazis managed. The fact that left leaning, western universities have managed to hide all that and make it fashionable is itself a crime.

In any case, at the end of this clip I posted a tinyurl I made for the following documentary made by American journalists who visited North Korea. Ill post it below the clip-vid I made here. Thanks to TL for sending me the link for the documentary. I wish they would show it to all university 1st year students.

Please try and find the time to watch it. Not only is it very good, it is also important to realize that communism is still, to this very day, breaking and chaining the ankles of a wonderful people while just miles away, freedom allows the very same people to be massively creative, wealthy, and well fed.

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  1. The trouble is the play time left have been allowed to make a distinction between fascism and communism, as if there’s actually any difference. People seem to forget the Socialist in National Socialism, they are both the same: collective ideologies. Islam is the same. There should be one word coined for collectivism, and that should be used instead of drawing distinctions between various murderous ideologies, that fact that some invoke a pixie in the clouds to justify their lunatic irrationalism is irrelevant.
    In the same way, the left have taken words like “progressive”, and “radical”, when there’s nothing progressive or radical about the same old tired ideas.

    Same as the Left seem to miss that Communist regimes resemble imperial dynasties, in effect, are what they affect to despise.

    fascism = communism = islam= on and on and on

  2. At the end of the documentary, the American tourist in North Korea considers what it would be like for a 19th century American cowboy to experience Soviet Russia. I would rather learn what the experience is for North Koreans who somehow managed to escape to either China or South Korea. I would like to view a documentary on how they deal with the contrasts between the reality of the world vs. what they have been indoctrinated to believe about the rest of the world.

  3. The left has worked long and hard to make people forget that Fascism is a member of the Marxist family, the founders of the Fascist party in Italy stated they were creating a Marxist economy that worked. It then spread to Germany where Hitler left the communist to gain political power. Prior to Hitlers attack on the USSR the left proudly proclaimed Fascism as part of the left, they worked hard to keep us out of WWII until the attack, then they pushed hard for us to strip all of our military and send the weapons and at times men to Stalin. Since WWII they have pushed the idea that Fascism is a right wing philosophy so they can push the idea that there is no danger from the left.

    We have all seen how that has worked, the people who fought Marxism during the Cold War are called fools and we are told the Soviets had no desire to take over the world. Now China is stockpiling strategic metals and pushing hard to kick the US out of the open seas near the Far East. And once again we are being told that there is no danger from the left. The liberals are all so sure that their side is the good guys that they are willing to ignore the 100 million plus murders by the communist in the 20th Century. If they get their way all of us will live in poverty, those of us still alive, and be allowed to travel only a mile or two from our homes.

    Welcome to the dream world of the left

    FYI: The only difference between the Soviet and Fascist systems is that the Soviets didn’t allow personal property, the Fascist did but controlled what you could do by massive government regulations.

  4. The documentary you seek, is called, ‘Crossing’ and is a truly wonderful although very hard to watch movie on life in NORK from the point of view of a refugee to the south. I stopped watching when the family had to eat the dog.

  5. What does everybody do there, just sit in their rooms and cry? I suppose you could stockpile potato peels, make some booze and get really drunk every now and then. I guess that’d be about it. Very interesting little documentary.

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