Wilders trial day 3

This from Klein Verzet, the excellent Dutch blog.

Geert Wilders on trial day 3
Today the trial against Geert Wilders continued with the same judges The trial day started with a screening of Fitna.

Before the screening we already had the first incident, a woman (plaintiff) asked if she could leave the room. She did not want to see Fitna she declared. The president of the court answers:

I can imagine

Wilder lawyer complained, he could not believe what he just had heard (again a value statement of the court).

See incident above and for the rest of the commentary please visit Klein Verzet by clicking here

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  1. via KV thread : “The court argued that the literal testimonies are hard to understand and that they had prepared good summaries (they had not shared these summaries with the defense).”

    This went to trial without sharing summaries with the defense? Kangaroo court indeed!

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