Hoping for peace through escapist-illusion and weakness

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Pastor bashing didn’t buy peace

By David B. Harris, Citizen Special September 10, 2010 7:55 AM

What do Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, Gen. David Petraeus, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have in common?

They each need to get a grip on themselves the next time they want to whack a wacky pastor. Each sacrificed valuable resources to condemn and plead with once-aspiring Koran-griller, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, a bizarre fourth-string in the evangelical band. Congregation size: 50, on an inflationary day.

Yes, by now all agree: a nutty fringe leader was compromising social cohesion, foreign relations and military security with grotesquely silly, gratuitous and hurtful plans for a Koranic cook-off.

But this portrayal missed key considerations. In the extent and scope of their criticism of Jones’ aims, senior U.S. officials, including Clinton and Gen. Petraeus, exceeded their constitutional remit in ways that could undermine future security and liberal-democratic ways. The same can be said of Harper and his defence minister.

Their warnings and beseechings raised immeasurably the stakes in this matter. Politicians risked the possibility that a government failure to apparently force Jones to stop — a constitutional impossibility, in any event — would produce more blowback than ever. Now that this pressure has forced Jones to climb down on his own, liberal-democracy’s enemies at home and abroad will be emboldened. The outcome doubtless confirms their doctrinal belief in a soft West that is vulnerable to ever-increasing levels of terrorism and stealth-jihadic demands for endlessly-Islamizing “accommodation.”

There is more to the political overreach problem. The package of freedoms for which the U.S. and Canada sacrifice in South Asia presumably includes the “first freedom” — freedom of expression — in Canada’s Charter and the even more expansive U.S. First Amendment provision. As U.S. Supreme Court decisions remind us, this freedom even protects those wishing to burn the U.S. flag. It is unlikely any ostensibly sacred text could have outranked the flag for such constitutional purposes.

Brief government statements-of-position would have sufficed in the Jones case. Unfortunately, the extremes to which politicians went might encourage future officials to pressure for expanded crisis-driven, religion-based censorship, out of fear of “offending Islam.” Worse, the recent hysteria requires that we ask whether posturing politicians and media are internalizing the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s international objective at the UN of imposing Sharia blasphemy norms on Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide.

In all this, freedom’s adversaries sense weakness. Look at the first declarations of Imam Feisal Rauf, the $100 million Ground Zero mosqueteer, upon returning from the Middle East. Presumably seeing how threats of Islamist violence get politicians to bend, Rauf invoked the logic of protection racketeers when referring to his critics: “if you don’t do this (the mosque) right, anger will explode in the Muslim world. If this is not handled correctly, this crisis could become much bigger than the Danish cartoon crisis.”

And apart from free expression per se, there was also the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. This clause is the cited authority for separation of religion and state, such as it is. One must ask whether, in their anxiety, officials ventured so far into the religious arena as to have breached relevant rights of Jones and his church-goers (the FBI even visited him). Is it acceptable for leaders and other agents-of-state to play the de facto role of judges of religious acceptability — let alone enforcers of Sharia Koran-handling standards?

In continuing to give the pesky pastor profile, Canadian and U.S. officials contributed to the public’s underestimating of Islamism’s unwavering determination. Rightly or wrongly, Islamic extremists justify their plans to destroy us by citing Koranic and other texts that long predate 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. But when politicians obsessed about a pulpit bit-player, they implied that our enemies were amenable to temporizing and concessions. We had only to “do the right thing” — or the fault was ours. So politicians’ pleas for Jones’ co-operation have reinforced the false but perversely attractive illusion that peace is within our power to achieve if only we would accommodate the delicate feelings of the Taliban and their cousins abroad and among us.

The terrible implications of this escapist illusion — the increasing abdication of our domestic and foreign policy and ultimate fate to a hostile will — skulked unseen behind this week’s theatrics.

But whatever history’s verdict on Pastor Jones and his Korans, we must recognize that there is no peace in illusions and weakness.

A lawyer with 30 years in intelligence affairs, David Harris is director of the intelligence program INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. He has consulted with intelligence organizations in Canada and abroad and served with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in 1988-90.

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3 Replies to “Hoping for peace through escapist-illusion and weakness”

  1. I am the LORD, your Holy One, the creator of Israel, your King. Is. 43:15.
    Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sittteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 2Thess. 2:3,4.

    Both, the bible and the qur’an suggests that their God is the only God, for there is none beside them. See Is. 45:5, “There is no God Beside me” and Surah 3:2, “There is no God beside Allah”. (Note: unlike the bible, the qur’an is only one book, with many chapter and verses, called “Surah”. Herein, references to the verses, or “Surah” in the qur’an will have a S. before the numbers).

    The name “Allah” is believed to have come from the old name for God, i.e., “El”, or “Elohim”. The name “Allah” literally mean “is God” in Arabic. However, the politically correct idea that the God of the bible may be the same being as the Allah of the qur’an causes much deception, and confusion.

    The Qur’an claims that Allah is the true God of all the characters of the bible, i.e., all the prophets, Moses, Elijah, etc., even Jesus, S. 2:136. The qur’an suggests that all were originally Muslims, until the Jews and Christians lied and had become “infidel”, or unfaithful. S.6:83-91. The qur’an even claims that Allah, and not jehovah, is the true power behind the miracles of Jesus. S. 5:110. However, Allah denies ever having any son. S. 19:34,35. Muslims are taught that Jews and Christians are pagans for believing that Jesus is the son of God. S. 17:40. The qur’an also teaches that Allah, and not jehovah, is the true author of the laws of Moses and the gospel intended by Jesus, before the Jews and Christians lied against Islam. S. 3:3. And that Jesus was originally a messenger of Islam, and not Christianity. S. 4:171. Islam, however, refuses to respect the name “Jesus” , so instead, Jesus is referred to as “Isa”.

    Allah has pronounced curses upon the Children of Israel. S.5:78, as well as the Jews and Christians. S. 9:30 The qur’an compels [all] Muslims to warfare against [all] non-believers. S. 8:15,16, S.9:29. And to “seize and slaughter them without mercy”. S. 33:61 It is Allah who does the fighting. Therefore, it is Allah who commands the sacrifices of his martyrs, in suicide. S.2:54, S. 3:140-143, S. 4:66. Allah will punish those who refuse to fight for him. S. 9:39. Muslims are not to be friends with Jews and Christians. S. 5:51. Unbelievers are “open enemies”. S. 4:101. Muslims are tricked into the idea of suicide as martyrdom. They are taught, by the qur’an, not to believe in any non-believers of the qur’an. S. 3:73, 118. Nor listen to them, but “strive against them, with the utmost strenuousness, with the qur’an”. S. 25:52. Terrorism is an act of righteousness and loyalty to Allah. People ignorantly believe that the qur’an is not that much different than the bible, in terms of the Old Testament wars. However, there are no amendments to the laws of the qur’an, as there are in the bible’s New Testament . Such as Mt. 5: 21-48, etc. People are deceived into believing that Islam is a tolerant religion, and that the “radicals” merely take the qur’an out of context. However, the qur’an stand as is. The only misinterpretation of the qur’an is made by those who have not actually read the qur’an. Muslims just pretend to be misunderstood, not unlike spitting in your face and then convince you that it is only the rain.

    The Isamic stratagem is the deception that the “Muslims” are divided between the “radicals” and the “moderates”. However, the truth is that a supporter of a doctrine is still a supporter of that doctrine. Muslims use our sense of civil liberties against us. After all, “moderates” are protected by our ideal religious freedom, and anti-religious discrimination. Nevertheless, if a satanic religion supports the idea of human sacrifice, we would not hesitate to condemn them, and their idea, whether they actual perform sacrificial rituals themselves or not. “Moderates” support the doctrine that the “radicals” actually perform. People need to read the qur’an for themselves, rather than have a Muslim, or supporter of Islam, read it for them and then tell us what it all means. Contrary to the belief of most Christians, the bible does not forbid us from reading the qur’an, or any other scriptures outside of the bible. To understand an enemy, we must first identify the enemy, and what drives their animosity. It is doubtful that Jesus meant that we should love our enemies by such behavior as allowing a rapist to continue their sin just because God, of the bible, loves the sinner. Both “moderates” and “radicals” are doing exactly as the qur’an commands, i.e., manipulate society by being perpetrators pretending to be victims.

    Notice how Islam has the religious right to insult Christianity anyway they see fit, though Christians are condemn to death, even if we [accidently] offend them? The civil liberties, by use of the court system, under the guise of religious freedom, is the tool that the “beast” uses to receive his authority to overcome the saints. Dan. 7:25, Rev. 13:7. The manipulation of civil rights, and the freedom of religion, is how he deceives and hides his destructive presence. Also, notice that while other religions increase their rights, and more people sympathize with Islam, Jews and Christians are declining in rights. Religious rights apply to Jews and Christians less and less, while Islam receives more and more.

    The qur’an is the base of Islam, as the bible is the base of Christianity. It is unrealistic to surmise that we can separate the qur’an from Islam, as the bible cannot be separated from Christianity. To accurately understand the [true] position of Islam, without so much ignorance, one MUST read the pages of the qur’an for themselves. A big deception of people’s belief about Islam is that Islam is not a religion at war with the world, per se. However, terrorism is the world war three of Revelations! This war is not with the flesh, but rather with the principalities and powers. Eph. 6:12. A military tactic of bloodshed will not work against a religious doctrine. The body can only defeat the body, but the mind must be the instrument to defeat the mind. The qur’an itself is the doctrine, and philosophy, of Islam.

    Islam teaches that “ when the words of the qur’an are fulfilled against the unbelievers, Islam will produce from the earth a beast to face them”. S. 27:82, Rev. 13:11. A mark of Allah is on their face and forehead. S. 48:29. A deception of the false prophets has always been to convince people that the 666 mark of the beast is some birth mark, tattoo, purchase bar code, or “spy chip”, under the skin. It never occurred to them that it could also be on their clothes, bandana, or gloves. However, the truth is that 666 is the number of a man. Rev. 13:18. Everyone who receives the mark will know exactly what it is. It is a mark that an army has on their forehead. Rev.19:19. Similar to the army of the 144,000. Rev. 14:1. Yes, the 144,000 is an “army” of the lamb. Rev. 19:13,14. No, 666 is not the number of people in the army of the beast, but rather the [meaning] of his name. Contrary to the deception of many false prophets, 144,000 virgin men are not the only people to be saved. There will be a far greater number of people to be saved. Rev. 7:9-14.

    There are no surprises in receiving the marks, of God or the beast. The marks are like flags, or insignias. The false prophets love to distract people, and cause people to look in the wrong direction; to guess the
    meanings of the Revelations of God. With their analytical fabrications of such musings , they have most people expecting the beast to come out of Rome, or the “European Union”, etc. They will have people believe that the 666 is some Roman Emperor, pope, Hitler, or U.S. president. These false prophets blind people by re-interpreting what God has already revealed. They will tell you that the bible is full of hidden codes, and secret mysteries, that only they have the wisdom to decipher. Actually, the true secret is that there is no secret. Isa. 45:19, 2Pet. 1:19,20. God means what He says and says what He means, In His revelations. Prov. 30:5,6 and Rev. 22:6. God keeps no secrets from [anyone], and that includes all the world. Mk. 4:22, Rom. 10:18. A false prophet does not really take God at His word. They pretend that the Word of God is still symbolic.

    The true prophets of God, including Daniel and St. John, had fully understood the words of God. And had described His words in accordance with their own familiarity. They had no fear of revealing what God had commissioned them to reveal. Isa. 46:10, Isa. 48:16. Everything that has been previously sealed in Daniel 12:9 has been unsealed in Revelations 22:10. All the Symbols and “parables” , and prophecies, have been interpreted by the bible [revealed Word of God] itself. Rom. 16:25,26. So, now when the bible says that a “horn” is symbolic for “king”, Rev. 17:12, etc., that is exactly what it means. If there are any true secrets, they belong unto the LORD GOD, but that which is revealed belong unto us, Deut. 29:29, so that we may actually [know] the revealed words of God, and not have to guess. The bible was intended to be the [revealed] words of God!

    To [truly] understand the revelations, or revealed words of God, is to accept what He has revealed. And to understand that St. John, of Revelations, knew the difference between Rome and Babylon. He would not have hidden Rome behind the phantasms of Babylon, in his [revealing] of God’s words. Babylon had still existed at the time of 1Pet. 5:13. The false prophets misdirect people to look in the wrong direction, or place. They have re-defined the word “Babylon” from a location to a lustful behavior. That is how they have convinced most people that the term “Babylon” is symbolic for Rome. The Euphrates River should have made it obvious as to where Babylon is actually located. Rev. 9:14. The Euphrates River runs through Babylon, and not even near Rome. All of Revelations will take place within the immediate area, as they will be gathered into one place, and not shift from actual Babylon to Rome.

    The rationalization that “Armageddon” means “Har-megiddo” is a misdirection of the false prophets, as well. They say that the word “Har” means “hill”. However, if the “Armageddon” of Revelations is on a hill people would not be gathered [into] it, but rather [onto] it. The logic that “Armageddon” is the location of “Har-megiddo” is because the two words sound so similar. Similarity is a crafty tool of the false prophets to manipulate their deceptive interpretations. Actually, “megiddo” is mentioned several times in the Old Testament, see Josh. 17:11, Judg. 1:27, Judg. 5:19, 2Kgs. 9:27, 1Chr. 7:29, 2Chr. 35:22. Since the word “Armageddon” is a Hebrew word, and has not been translated into English, for the English bible, the same word would be in the New and Old Testament. Either, both would be “Armageddon” or “Har- megiddo”. Nevertheless, “Armageddon” is not truly the same as “Har-megiddo”. Of course, now people mostly consider “Armageddon” as an event in time, rather than its intended definition of a location. The false prophets use the same manipulation as they use to misdirect people from the true location of Babylon, by re-defining the original term. Originally, “Armageddon” was a name of a cemetery for soldiers, similar to the “Arlington National Cemetery”. “Ar-ma-ged’don” literally means “garden of armies”. Only the enemies of God will be gathered [into] Armageddon. They will intend to fight against Israel, not each other. Rev. 20:8,9. Afterward, the place will be called “the Valley of Ha’mon-gog”. Ezek. 39:11.

    Such revisions of the revealed words if God, by the false prophets, have even tricked people to believe that the “beast”, or 666 of Rev. 13:18, was Nero Caesar, (37-68, A. D.); by some numerical/alphabetical manipulations. And that the “abomination of desolations”, in Mt. 24:15, is the statue of Nero. Now, since Nero has been long since dead, the false prophets prejudice anyone in Rome, the Catholic Church, or any political figure in Europe and the United States. These false prophets are very knowledgeable “evangelist”, that’s how they come as the angels of light. Their trick is to take the revealed words of God out of context, and then tell you that it is a hidden coded interpretation that God had only revealed to them. For Example; They will confuse people by such terms as the “Temple” , by twisting the definition to be a symbol for the “body” when the bible is trying to tell you something about the actual “Temple of Jerusalem”. The truth is that the body as a temple is the body as a temple. However, the Temple of Jerusalem is the Temple of Jerusalem. Another point taken out of context is the idea that one day is symbolic for a thousand years, and a thousand years is a day, in biblical code. Actually, 2Pet. 3:8 was teaching about patience. This was not meant to be a standard code of biblical time, or else Jesus would not have risen for three thousand years, and would only reign for one day. God understand our sense of time. Ps. 37:18. God, Himself, can walk through any time He wants, however, time that has been written in the bible, His revealed words, is more accurate than the “decoders” will have us believe.

    The false prophets use this coded time in accordance with their own convenience. As they also interpret the seventy weeks, as in Dan.9:24, as only seventy years. It would seem that four hundred and ninety thousand years would be too long for their purpose of manipulation? Also, Ezek. 4:6 was only a practical measure for Ezekiel to suffer a day for every year of captivity. This was not meant to be a standard code of biblical time, either. However, a day could be a thousand years or one year, or a week could be ten years, depending upon the convenience of the false evangelist’s message.

    These false prophets also want us to believe that the “elect”, or followers of Christ, will completely avoid the “tribulation”, by the taking out of context the term [out of] as to mean to “rapture” before the tribulation even begins. It should be obvious that to [come out] of something one must first be [into] whatever one comes [out of]. Actually, Jesus said that “immediately after the tribulation” that He would gather His elect. Mt. 24:29-31. He also said that “But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be save”. Mt. 24:13. If the elected, or saved, are to completely avoid the tribulation, there wouldn’t be anything to endure. Rev. 3:10 means to keep us from temptation, not tribulation.

    So, what is the “abomination of desolation”? The abomination of desolation already stands in the “holy place, where it aught not”! People just have not realized what they are looking at, yet.

    The first “beast”, Rev. 13:1, is actually an empire, or dominion, Dan. 7:12. A commonwealth of leaders, or [acting] kings. Rev. 17:5,18. Contrary to the false prophet’s prejudice, the seven churches are not part of this empire. The location of Babylon is in the Islamic community, not the Jewish or Catholic communities. This “empire” is one “king” ruling over ten “kings”, or “king of kings”. Rev. 17:11,12 and Dan.2:37. These are “kings”, or considered “royals”, not presidents or prime ministers. Kings are not elected by vote, nor are they appointed. This could no longer be in the future of Rome. The “daughter of Babylon”, Jer. 51:33, is the revival of the Babylonian empire, not the Roman empire. Since the first “beast” is an empire, Rev. 13:12, it was an empire that had suffered the deadly wound, Jer. 51:,8, and not just one man. The false prophets continue, even today, to suggest that it was Nero Caesar who had suffered the deadly wound. The “dragon” will heal the Babylonian empire, as a shadow version of its former glory, which will be called “great”. Rev. 18:2. The ancient Babylonian empire was never referred to as “great”. Is. 21:9. Those who confuse the Roman empire as a symbol for a modern day Babylon, Jer. 5:31, keep people blinded to the real royal harlot, “mystery”! Rev. 17:5.

    The one world religious domination will be under the Islamic, “Sharia”, law, and not the Catholic, Latin, law. The second “beast”, Rev. 13:11, is a civil rights manipulator. Dan. 7:25. Religious rights, other than Christianity, is how this “beast” deceives , and “intoxicates“, Christians, with his politically correct manipulations, to fornicate with Islam, and other religions. Rev. 17:2. He convinces people that the God of the bible is the same as Allah of the qur’an. And that [all] religions lead to the same God, albeit, with a different name. However, gasoline and water are not the same just because they are both liquid. Neither is God, of the bible, the same as Allah, just because they both claim the same holy land, and characters. However, the bible tells us to love our enemies, the qur’an tells the Muslim to kill theirs. The real position of the second “beast” is to change the laws, in favor of Islam and against Christianity, under the guise of religious right. Contrary to popular belief, and the deception by the false prophets, this second “beast” is not in the White House, or Wall Street. Nor is he in the “European Union”. Most likely he can be found in the “Civil Liberties Union”! He is not a “Muslim”, per se. However, his manipulations will support the Islamic “Sharia”, or imperial order. Rev. 13:12.

    When Islam has positioned all their “Mosques” in every sovereign land, the rights of Christianity will more rapidly decrease! It should be obvious that it has already begun, in Europe and the United States?? Islam [will] overcome Christianity, by the authority of the court rules, Rev. 13:7, until Jesus overturns their ruling, Himself. Rev. 17:14.

    The “great harlot” who “sits on many waters”, Rev. 17:1, is Babylon, who sits on many peoples of the earth. Rev. 17:5, 15. The false prophets misinterpret this “sitting on many waters” description to mean an island. Thus, convincing people that Rome, as an island, sitting in the middle of a large body of actual water. The “seven mountains” are not actually in Rome either. The seven kings are part of these “seven mountains”. Rev. 17:9,10. There will not be any seven kings, or emperors, coming out of any mountain, or seven different mountains, in Rome. The “seven heads”, or ”mountains”, are not positioned the same as the ten kings, or “horns”, upon the “heads”. The seven kings are emperors, reigning one after the other. The ten kings are all subordinate to one emperor, at the same time. “Mt. Babylon”, or “Hilla babil”, is on the real seven mountains, near the Euphrates River. Jer. 51:25. The ten kings will shortly turn against the one emperor. Rev. 17:16. Rome does not, and will not, have five fallen emperors, or kings when this empire, or “dominion”, rises. Nor will Rome ever have, or had, ten kings temporarily subordinate to one emperor.

    The false prophets will also have people believe that there is only one “anti-Christ”, carrying the supreme 666 identification. Actually, there are many “anti-Christ”. 1Jn. 2:18. Any religion or person who acts, speaks, or preaches, anything against Christ, or Christians is obviously an “anti-Christ”. However, the false prophets continue, even today, to fabricate the identity of this 666 “anti-Christ”, by the manipulations of the Greek, Roman, or other alphabet. Some still believe that the 666 identifies the Roman emperor Nero, by some numerical/alphabetical comparison, though Nero has been long dead, since the first century.

    The false prophets also manipulate the predictions of the end of the world, or “armageddon”. Their current “doomsday clock” is set for December 21, 2012, (12-21-12). Now, they come by this date simply because the Mayans ended their calendar at that time. And when this date fails to end the world, or start “armageddon”, the next date may be 10-20-30, and so on. Whatever number sounds supportive to their imaginations. Actually, the prediction of “doomsday” should not really be the concern of the true Christian. We are to live each day as our last, on earth, and appreciate every day that God does allow us. The grace of God is unfathomable! Thus, a thousand years, is as one day, and a day is as a thousand years, to God. God is not in a hurry to punish people. Nor is he slacking in those who need punishment. Only God knows when the world is ready to end. All assumed predictions are the imaginations of the false prophets.

    Contrary to popular belief, the 666 is not encoded in Greek, Roman, or English, but rather Arabic. Unlike English, Arabic names have meaning. If English names were given like Arabic names, a “john”, for example, would mean a “toilet”, or a prostitution’s customer, etc. The [name] for 666, however, [means], “I AM GOD”, Is. 47:8,10, or “El-Ahmad”, in Arabic. The name means the same as the identity. Though Nero Caesar may have pretended to be [a god], his name had no meaning. Nor has anyone else’s name had such a meaning thereafter, who wished he was a god. These others may have pretended to be [a god], but not [the God]. The Arabic meaning for “I am” also means “Messiah”! The name is already on their foreheads, clothes, and names, like a flag of identity. Have you ever wondered why most “Muslims” are required to attach some variation of “Al-lah”, or “Muhammad” to their names, especially those that had been identified as terrorists??

    The idea of not being able to buy or sell only applies to those who already worship the “beast”. Those who do not worship the beast is ordered to be killed., by “sharia law”. Rev. 13:15. Dead people can’t buy or sell, anyway! There is a word for this buying and selling, called “trade”. It is the intent of Islam to destroy world trade. The destruction of the “World Trade Center” was a major victory, and set a hallmark for Islam, which validated the cause of Allah. The “moderates” celebrate in secret. It is pure ignorance to believe that the “radicals” are merely some poor and ignorant desert dwellers. They are supported by the “moderates”, that our civil rights protect.

    Real prophecy is inevitable, because the people who may affect the “fork” of prophecy are too asleep to take heed of the warning signs to prevent the event. However, the false prophets perpetuates this sleepiness by analyzing prophecy to the extreme, and pretend to find hidden meaning, that God did not actually intend, in His Revelations. They even pretend to find hidden codes in scriptures that had predicted 9/11, Hitler, etc., only after the event had already occurred. Their analysis is merely “pseudo-scientific”!

    How do we spot these “false prophets? A modern day false prophet is [anyone] who prophecies falsely, whether ignorantly or knowingly. Mostly, a false prophet, we now call “evangelist”, today. So, essentially, a false prophet could be also a false evangelist. These false ones are like comedians, they love to crack jokes, or poke fun at other people’s ignorance, or weaknesses. They always mock those that they perceive as foolish, especially other Christians, that they want you to believe are not really Christians. They are highly animated, to the point of exaggeration, while running around the stage convincing people that they are happier than everyone else. They pretend that it is the movement of the holy spirit. However, the [real] holy spirit is not actually happy about the ignorance of anyone! Some false prophets, or “evangelists” may even do back flips on the television stage to prove that he can do what most unhealthier people can’t do. They may even condemn, with pure righteous hatred on their face, a celebrity for wearing a precious crucifix between filthy silicone breast. Or condemn another for not wearing any panties, that a paparazzi took a sneak peak photo of. Some may even abuse the name of Jesus, by chanting “in the name of Jesus”, to fix a leaky roof. These examples have actually happened on television. Television is infested with these modern day false prophets, we call “televangelist”.

    These “televangelists” are arrogant, by the perpetual boasting of their extensive knowledge, and study, of the bible, as if a hundred thousand hours of study – or equivalent to eleven years of a straight twenty-four hours – makes them wiser than others who has not had so much study. They always act wiser than others! However, a truly wise person will take God’s revelations at His word. A false prophet re-interprets what God has already interpreted. When God reveals Babylon, and the false prophet interprets Babylon for Rome, then He is not accepted at His word. The names may change but the geography does not. Babylon is located inside Iraq, not Rome. The false prophets are the cause of much confusion, and why people see much contradiction in the bible. They wave the bible around and say “This is what God says”, etc., when God did not say it like that. Ezek. 13:6,7.

    Another erroneous idea people make is the mistaken belief that God is no longer provoked to anger, as He was provoked in the days of the judges, and that He is willing to lie with other gods, and their religions. It is ignorance to believe that God actually supports the ideal religious liberties for a “melting pot” of religions, as if He would ever hold hands with Allah, or any other god. Judges 2:2,3. God will not share His glory with any other god, including Allah. Is. 48:11. As then as now, they are all thorns, and a snare, to [all] of us. Deut. 7:16. We serve other gods by allowing their religious freedom into our lands. People don’t want to seem prejudice against Islam, however, you can’t [truly] serve the father, God, of Jesus Christ with a covenant of religious rights to Allah, and Islam. Ex. 23:32,33. We are falling into false compassion for these other gods, through their worshippers, as the Children of Israel had done when entering Canaan, by allowing the Canaanites to continue their religious practices in Jerusalem. Judges 1:21,27-36. The Palestinians won’t be satisfied with re-possessing Gaza. Judges 1:18. They won’t even be satisfied with the re-possession of Jerusalem and the total destruction of the Children of Israel. The “politically correct” idea is the reason that Jesus has to rule with a rod of iron. Rev. 19:15. People will war with the [true] Christ, because they will think that He is violating the rights of religious liberties. A crafty manipulation of the false prophets are to deceive people about the true identity of the upcoming “one world religion” of the 666 beast.

    People falsely believe that the Roman empire and the Catholic Church are the same entity. Nor is the “beast” instantly created at the moment it rises from the sea. The religion of the “beast” has been in existence all the way back to the time of Canaan, when the Children of Judah first captured Jerusalem. Judges 1:8. That is why Islam has been fighting to get Jerusalem back ever since. They already have Gaza back, which also validated the cause of Allah. The religion of Islam actually come from “Ba’alim”, (teachings of Ba’al). However, Muhammad had merely renamed it “Ta’alim”, (teachings of Allah). Israel can never make peace with Islam. Nor will God ever hold hands with Allah, or the “beast”!

    The main purpose of the false prophets is to distract, and confuse, people to what is [really] important, and to what is actually happening in the world. They preoccupy people’s minds with prejudice towards things like the names of the days, weeks and months, as well as holidays and birthdays. They attack the innocence of children, as most holidays and birthdays are designed for children. They also may condemn your choice of “Sabbath day” observance, i.e., Saturday or Sunday. Some churches even believe that the day you go to church identifies you of whether you have the mark of God or the “beast”. All such prejudicial hatred is a false prophet distraction, supported by their pseudo-science! Actually, St. Paul advises us not to let anyone judge what we eat, drink, or in respect to an holyday, new moon, or the Sabbath Days. Col. 2:16. Holidays, or holydays, were intended to help people remember events. Ex. 12:14, Luke 22:19. We are a forgetful people! Without holidays, we are more likely to forget. However, one does not need to condemn Easter just because someone else observes it differently. Nor do we have to forsake celebrating the Passover, and the last supper, and resurrection of Jesus, just because a rabbit is playing hide and seek with eggs on that day. Neither, the birth of Jesus just because a fat man in a red suit is dropping present down a chimney. They also like to play a debate on when Jesus was actually born. They will convince you that the “winter Solstice” is the season of the Devil. The “winter solstice” is around December 21. The actual date is not as important as the remembrance of the birth of Christ. It is doubtful that anyone truly knows the actual date of His birth, or even King Herod would not have had to guess, around two years. Mt. 2:16. The shepherds did not practice the Christmas celebration on the same day that they saw the star. They had a lot of traveling around to do before they actually got to the manger, i.e., to see Herod, etc. The Christmas ceremony was begun, and traditionalized, by the actions of the shepherds. Back in those days, birthdays were very important, especially for one born to be a king.

    A tool of the false prophet manipulation is the use of sounding similarities. For example, they will convince, those who do not know the [real] truth, that “Easter” had originally come from some Semitic god, called “Astarte”, from Babylon. And that the bunny and the egg hunt is some fertility ritual. Actually, “Easter” was so called for the fourth day of the “week of unleavened bread”. Ex. 12:18 and Acts 12:3,4. Jesus so happened to be resurrected on the fourth day of the “week of unleavened bread”! The bunny and the egg hunt actually comes from Old Celtic England, not Babylon. And the hunt was a fortune ritual, not fertility. Only later did people associate the “sex like a rabbit” to symbolize excessive reproduction. If people are taught a lie long enough, the lie seems to be the truth, especially to those who believe the lie. Nevertheless, it is the children who usually hunt the eggs, and are condemned for playing the game, by the false prophets. Many of the pagan games had been adopted to the Christian holidays, to attract conversion of the Celts to Christianity. Also, Santa Clause comes from right here in the United States. Birthdays just count the years of one’s life. These holidays are essentially harmless. However, these false prophets will terrorize you to believe that holidays are the works of the Devil.

    They also prejudice the names of the week and months, to keep people preoccupied. They will say that the names of the days of the week and months are named after gods and Caesars, like Saturn, Thor, and July and August. Actually, the origin of naming the days and months had nothing to do with gods, or Caesars. The days and months were originally named for the number and seasons. For example, “Saturday” was originally called “Septa-day”, Latin for “seventh-day”. However, it became spelled “Satur-day” because of the English accent. It had nothing to do with “Satur(n), a Roman god. Also, “Odin”, “Thor”, “Freya”, etc., are Norse gods. The Norse people had nothing to do with naming the days of the week, i.e., Wednes-day, Thurs-day, Fri-day. The spelling, and pronunciation, of the days and months are an English modification, from the Latin calendar. Besides, to have a “Thor’s day”, etc., the day would have to be in accordance with the worship of that god. None of the gods, that the false prophets suggest, are worshipped every seven days. Nor have they ever been worshipped every seven days, anywhere. So, they could not have a special day every week! The false prophets even rationalize that “Wednes-day” is named after “Wodin”, English for “Odin”. Actually, there is no such god as “Wodin”. The name “Wodin” is a modern fabrication that comes from a neo-Nazi acronym, “W.O.T.A.N., meaning, “Will Of The Aryan Nation”. The word “Wednes” (Wenz) is actually an Old Celtic word for “middle”, or “between”. Nevertheless, if Sunday or Monday were named for gods, it would be having the name of that god, e.g., “Ra-day”, etc. Mostly, sun gods were worshipped three time a day, i.e., sunrise, zenith, and sunset. No religion has ever worshipped the sun only once a week. Sunday was not always the first day of the week. Even today, we still refer to Sunday as the “week end”. “Monday” was meant as “Mono”, meaning “one”, not “moon”. The moon is mostly significant for observers every full moon, and new moon, which is every fourteen to twenty-nine days, not seven days. The word “month” comes from “moon”.

    The months were originally named for their number and seasons. For example, September, October, November, and December, are Latin words for seven, eight, nine, and ten. March had been the first month of the calendar year, before it had been changed to January. Not always did months have thirty to thirty-one days, as they do now. Then, the “new moon” was just as important to mark the beginning of the month as the Sabbath day had marked the end of the week. Is. 66:23. That is why they are so frequently mentioned together throughout the bible. God did set the lights of the sun and moon for signs and seasons, as well as to mark the days and years. Gen. 1:14-18.

    The month name of “August” is an Old English word meaning “harvest”, and did not originally have anything to do with Caesar Augustus. However, if “July” and “August” had been named after Julius Caesar, and Augustus Caesar, as the false prophets would want you to believe, the arrogance of these Caesars would have made their respective namesake month first of the calendar year, and not six or eight. At no time in history had August, or July, been the first month of the year, in any calendar. Actually, “Gaius Julius Octavianus”, 63 B. C. -14 A.D., became to be [so-called] “Augustus Caesar”, in 27 B.C., as a title, to mean “more than human”. However, “Augustus” actually comes from a Latin adjective “Augere”, meaning “to make greater”. The difference of pronunciation between the name of “August” to “Augustus” is “Awe-gist” to “Uh-gust-us”. Or “July” to “Julius” is “Jew-lie” to “Jew-lee-us”. Actually, these are two different words, with similar spelling. Back then, words were determined by the sound, and not how it was spelled. The pronunciation is what makes a word, more so than the spelling. For example, the spelling of the name “Jesus” could either be pronounced “Jeez-us” or “Hay-zeus”. It is obvious, by the sound, that these two names are not the same, though they are spelled the same. Humanity had learned to communicate with sound long before spelling. `To say that “August” is named after “Augustus”, and “July” is named after “Julius” is not unlike saying that “Ravens” are named after “Reeves”, and “Mommy” is named after “Mummy”. The false prophets would find some correlation between these two, if they can fabricate a purpose for doing so. They will also manipulate the encyclopedia, and modify it to the eleventh edition, to convince you of their evidence, written in the very encyclopedia they had modified.

    It is actually a sin to edit (add & subtract) the words of God. Rev. 22:18 and Prov. 30:6. All of the modified versions, or re-visions, of the words of God were never necessary. Contrary to people’s belief, these newly revised versions were not made to make the words of God easier to read, and understand, but rather makes it easier to deceive, and confuse. That is why the Devil can use the bible as well as any one, Christian or otherwise. The words of God are the words of God, and needs no modifications. Also, the words of God were never meant to be a code to break, as these false prophets pretend that only they have the spiritual fortitude to unravel such coded mysteries. They will convince the unwary that you can’t comprehend the bible unless you have the Holy Spirit apprising you to agree with their proposed interpretations

    Just because people perform miracles, even in the name of “Jesus”, does not mean that they are actually following Jesus. Mt. 7:22. “Workers of iniquity” also includes those who “decode” what God has already revealed, as well as those who think they are casting out demons, and doing wonderful works, in the name of Jesus. Jesus had given [everyone] permission to use His name, whether they follow Him or not. Mk. 9:38,39. So, Just because someone uses the name of Jesus is no real evidence that they are true followers of Jesus. The {name} of “Jesus”, itself, is power! False prophets, and false Christ, also come in the name of Jesus, Luke 21:8, as well as perform miracles. Mt. 24:24. That is how people are deceived into believing that the false prophets, and false Christ, are the true representatives of God.

    Jesus had said, many times, that we could ask [anything] in His name, and he would grant our request. Mt. 21:22 and Jn. 14:13. But people do not [ask]. They demand, and command! This attitude is not what Jesus had meant by giving us authority over serpents and demons. Mk. 6:7; 16:17,18 and Luke 10:10,19. People, today, have lost true respect of prayer, with the notion of being a “prayer warrior”, etc. Even Jesus had respect toward the demons he was casting out, by talking without belligerence to them. Mk. 5:2-13. But, our modern day “exorcists” carry on a show of warrior arrogance, and a hostile attitude. Actually, [real] demons don’t act like portrayed on television, by the “Televangelists”, as well as movies, etc. Demons, and unclean spirits, are [very] afraid of Jesus, and the [real] Holy Spirit. There is no contest! Nor does it take so long as the televised “exorcists” dramatize. The only one who does not have so much fear is the Devil, himself. However, [all] demons, and unclean spirits do fear. That is why they feed off [our] fears. Where there is love, there is no fear; and where there is fear, there is no love. Demons, and unclean spirits, fear love, because God is love! 1Jn. 4:16-18.

    Movies are tricks of the Devil, to make God look so weak. The people always seem to pray out of fear and hostility, not love. God does not wrestle with demons, or unclean spirits. Nor do angels contend with the Devil. Jude 1:9. There is a difference of confrontational responses toward the Devil and demons, or unclean spirits. Yet, we have these televangelists making light of the Devil, with their jokes and comedy “roast”. Nevertheless, the Devil can take a few shots on the chin, as long as the people are being deceived. People do not yet understand that it was the Devil, himself, that came up with the saying that “The greatest trick of the Devil is to convince people that he does not exist.” Actually, his greatest trick is to convince people that [he] is God, and that the true Christ is the Devil. However, a [real] “exorcist” of God does not snarl at demons, or unclean spirits. Nor speak belligerently toward them. The false prophets will tell you that you got to get tough with them, to put on a show of battle. They are not so tough by themselves. That is why they crave an audience, a microphone and an camera. A [real] “exorcist” of God does not televise himself.

    Though the Devil can’t divide himself, he can still pretend to be his own adversary. If it was impossible for him to pretend, then he could not present himself as an angel of light. 2Cor. 11:13-15. Nor would there be any deceiving prophets, and false Christ. The Holy Spirit is in the eyes of the [true] “exorcist” of God. That is the reason why every time that Jesus had encountered a demon, or unclean spirit, they had always cried out and fell before Him. We don’t need to chant “in the name of Jesus”, to “muster” our faith. If we would just [ask], in the name of Jesus, with love and respect, to cast out the demons, or unclean spirits, instead of arrogantly commanding them, God would cast them out a lot faster. The name of “Jesus”, itself, is the “mustard seed” of faith. If you didn’t have this “mustard seed” of faith, you wouldn’t be using His name, in the first place. The false prophets will trick you to believe that you just don’t have enough faith, to receive anything from God on your own, nor to be your own exorcist. However, if you have the presence of mind to pray to God, in the name of Jesus Christ, you are not possessed, only tricked, by the false prophets, to believe that you are, so they can use you for their show. [Everyone] is able to be their own “exorcist”. If you feel that a demon, or unclean spirit, is harassing you, God will hear your prayers, as well as anyone else who may claim to be an “exorcist”. An actual demon, or unclean spirit, does not seek out an exorcist. A [real] exorcist of God seeks out those who are sick, by the demons, or unclean spirits. We don’t just sit around in a church, or office, waiting for them to come to us. Jesus told us to seek that which is lost. Those who are sick, and lost, by the demons, or unclean spirits, don’t [really] come to an “exorcists”, like going to a hospital. We have to go to them.

    Furthermore, people are not really going to suddenly vanish out of their clothes, leaving it neatly folded in place, as portrayed in the “left behind series”, etc. Mt. 24:30, 31. Jesus may come as unexpected like a thief in the night, but when He does come to gather His “elect”, [everyone] shall see Him, and hear such noise as had never been heard before. Such a re-vision, differing from the actual revelations of God, are merely the fantasies of the fabricators, and false prophecy inventors, who pretends that God has spoken to them , when God has not [truly] spoken. Ezek. 13:6,7. There are many deceivers who continually update the words of God, by their claims of “secrets revealed”, and “new found discoveries”, etc. Isaiah 21:12

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