“Four Lions”; a suicide bomber comedy

Who wants to bet this gets lots of laughs?

From The Telegraph U.K.

Families of 7/7 victims condemn suicide bomber comedy Four Lions

Families of victims killed in the July 7 London terror attacks have condemned a new comedy about would-be suicide bombers.

By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor
Published: 2:38PM BST 06 May 2010

Families of 7/7 victims condemn suicide bomber comedy Four Lions

A scene from Four Lions, the new film from Brass Eye creator Chris Morris

Four Lions was written and directed by Chris Morris, the satirist behind Channel 4’s controversial Brass Eye show. It follows four British Muslims and their incompetent attempts to wage jihad.

The film is released nationwide this week. Graham Foulkes, who lost his 22-year-old son, David, in the 2005 bombings, said the parallels with the real-life attacks on London’s transport system were too great.

“I didn’t see the humour in four people buying ingredients to make a bomb to come to London and kill innocent members of the public travelling on the Underground. I didn’t think that was funny at all,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“He has taken a specific attack – four lads from the North all with strong Yorkshire accents, and the bombers were from Yorkshire – travelling down to London. So it’s very specific, very aligned to what happened in 2005. That’s not parodying or being satirical about terrorists, it’s making money out of a specific attack.”

Morris said his film was inspired by real-life tales of incompetent terrorists. “The unfathomable world of extremism seemed to contain elements of farce,” he said.

Arsher Ali, an actor who plays one of the main characters, said: “Terrorism is in the news almost every day, but there are little stories within those things that are inherently comic and inherently human.”

4 Replies to ““Four Lions”; a suicide bomber comedy”

  1. If it weren’t for the deaths of real people, I could see where this would be a mockery of jihadists.

    But there are real deaths involved in the 7/7/07 bombings, so this is one sick way of capitalizing on a terrorist attack.

    Its not nearly as bad as a comedy based on the Holocaust, or the Cambodian killing fields, or the Armenian genocide, but it is approaching that level of callousness.

    Time for the producers to practice a bit of restraint and have the good sense to stop these atrocious shows from being produced.

  2. Arser Ali is quoted to say ” “Terrorism is in the news almost every day, but there are little stories within those things that are inherently comic and inherently human.”

    Really? There is nothing inherently comic about the slaughter of innocent people. Perhaps I’m missing something deeper within brown comedy.

  3. Idiots,

    Its a great film and very funny and takes away the power of TERROR which terrorists so demand.

    The day we can’t poke fun and at any topic is the day we lose part of our freedom.

    You people a retarded.

  4. I hate to disagree with so many of you…but you need to understand one the nature of comedy and two the reason that terrorism grows and how it recruits.

    Fisrtly…comdey is about being uncomfortable and pushing boundries and making people think why they shouldn’t laugh rather than just making people giggle and chiortle at predictiveness. The nature of this movie is to question why we can’t laugh and what societal pressure is pushing upon us not to mock and make light of a terrorist movement. This has been going on from years such as mocking homosexuality in the 50s to 70s and the countless SS costuumes that have been used in comedy …not to mention Black Adders absolute mock and ridicukle of World War One’s Allied forces attack tactics

    Secondly…for years and years now the Islam community have been used by media as a scare momngering vision one which promotes jihad and violence against the west and the way the west live…this is completely untrue of the religion and its vast majority of followers. the ability to satarise is vital if one is to break down misconceptions and silly dogma created by scaremongering press who think little before trying to sell their paper to a battle weary nation…

    And in the end of the day the film is very funny and at its most popular in Birmingham!!

    Live on Chris we need you the worlsd is still too scared!

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