Somehow, that cretin Galloway is back in the news again.

Galloway is a two bit carny. He has a cheap dog and pony show that plays in the political sticks and thats it. About a year ago, Galloway pretended to be turned away from Canada and made himself into a free speech martyr even though in fact he never attempted to get in at all. His own government in the UK warned him that he might be denied entry in Canada because he violated the terrorism funding laws, which he did indeed do with great publicity and fanfare. Then, he tried to claim Canada turned him away for his political views.

Quite the load.

And now, he is attempting to get back in the limelight as a sort of martyr using Canada as his false flag.

Well I recommend you read three people on this, who have covered it rather well.

1. Blazing Cat Fur:

2. Gay and Right

3. Terry Glavin, probably the most intelligent and if I may say, honourable journalist in Canada. He doesn’t write about a thing unless he has actually researched and understands it. He calls himself a leftist, but his views ultimately reflect the Jeffersonian liberalism of the current right wing rather splendidly as a result.

Here below is a clip from Blazing Cat Fur. I must say I remember when the CBC was a news organization to be proud of. Now, it sends out sneering, post modernist reporters versed only in critical theory. You can see clearly on her face her preconceived notions of who she is talking to, who she sides with, and what she thinks she knows.

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2 Replies to “Somehow, that cretin Galloway is back in the news again.”

  1. The funny part of this only reason Galloway wasn’t killed when he went there is because he had money. Or maybe he is a muslim now?

  2. That broad reminds me of the typical Montreal female I used to meet my entire life.

    They come from well to do homes, are given the finest of things – nothing wrong with that and then turn on their culture around the age of 17 -19. By the time they have done a year of University they are demonic.

    A good example of that is Rachel Corrie, who was run over a tractor protecting a Palestinian safe house.

    They know very little because they do not like to do research. They are afraid to discover that it is not always the evil white man that are responsible.

    Makes me angry that she is well paid and will have a pension. Hope Harper gets a majority and pulls the plug on the CBC and its french counterpart, SRC.

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