Michael Coren show: Tarek Fatah sanitizes Islam for us all

h/t sdamatt2

It should be noted that Mohamed had sex with Aisha from the time they married when she was six. He didnt rape her in the full genital way till she was nine. Muslim apologists pretend they didn’t have sex till she was nine. Google the Islamic practice based on Mohamed’s marriage called ‘thighing’
Disgusting, but true.

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4 Replies to “Michael Coren show: Tarek Fatah sanitizes Islam for us all”

  1. “Thighing” is merely a euphemism for pedophilia, plain and simple. No amount of apologetics will change that fact.

    Mo the thug was a pedophile and his cult has gone on long enough.

    Kufar and proud.

  2. I never heard of this female idiot before but she sounds like so many fools – often female who are most vulnerable from Islam – such as Michael Harris from CFRA; believe me or your own eyes.

    Sorry lady, I choose to believe my own eyes and I will not parse words: Islam is a brutal bellicose belligerent way that has no place in the west ( or anywhere on the planet) I wish this lady would live in a muslim country forever.

  3. I will add that CRA should audit her personal bank acct for large sums of money deposited into her acct.

    It is her brain that is the global problem.

  4. My final comment is that this female idiot is typical of female thought in Canada.

    Whenever I have raised the topic when speaking to a female, I usually get a glazed look.

    This stupid idiot is the Canadian version of Maureen Dowd who writes for the NYTimes. She was recently bashing Israel while praising new Saudi liberalism. Hard to believe.

    I am not aware of any Canadian female personality that has taken a publc stand against islam as other known female personalities in the paper or electronic media have from other countires ( Bat Yeor, Joyce Kaufman, Debbie Shlussel, Brigite Gabriel, Melanie Phillips, Orianna Fallaci).

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