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3 Replies to “March 19 2010 Changing face of London due to immigration”

  1. I can’t comment on the tube, in no channels. Don’t know why?

    Here’s my Youtube comment:

    Is BBC’s editor Tim donovan neutral, and objective? Not at all.

    At 3:30 he says that that immigration has the benifits “not least to the economy”. Then from 3:47 he says that the Liberal Democrats says that Tory’s cap will stifle the economy. So Tim’s evidently argue against Tory. Is this television in a free democracy?

  2. I agree with you Magnus. This report was in no way neutral, although at the outset it did seem as if it was going to break with the BBC’s constant narrative of “immigration good” versus “opposition to immigration racist.” Good for the economy they claim? In what way? Statistics are never provided.

    We are just expected to accept mass immigration as inevitable and pretend that we like it. The EHRC even managed to secure a court ruling recently that it was illegal for the BNP to include a proviso in its constitution that pledged to oppose and reverse mass immigration. The judge stated that it was “racist” and had to be removed! “Racist” to determine the course of your own country’s socio-demographic development! Our political, judicial and media elites in the UK have lost the plot and do not understand the concerns of ordinary indigenous people. Indeed, it would be no exaggeration to say that many of them actively hate the English.

  3. The world-wide hajri is part of Islam’s grand strategy for world conquest.

    Millions of Muslims the world over are part of the covert movement to undermine civil rights, freedom and demographics to favour Muslim communities.

    And the free world has let them do it under the weakness of multiculturalism, which was intended to help immigrants adapt and be assimiliated to the host culture more smoothly than in pioneer days. Now these policies are used by Muslims to create no-go zones for westerners in ther own countries, to undermine education and even to assist in the demolition of western values and justice in favour of sharia law.

    The hajri must be stopped for the cost for not doing so is utter and total elimination of the west and the free world.

    Kufar and proud.

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