KitmanTV parody

First of all, I don’t know the famous speech this particular video is mocking. Secondly, I don’t find it funny. Thirdly, I suspect I would need a degree of some kind in the history of the cold war to get all the jokes.

But I am indeed posting it because the point it makes is not lost. Often people say “It’s funny cause it’s true”. In this case, the proper statement might be: ‘It’s terrifying cause it’s true’. Please do watch it. It is only a few minutes out of your day and Kitman makes a profound point that needs making.

Also, since our own educational institutions utterly neglected to teach us about anything that happened between the Soviet Union and the western world since WW2 till when the wall fell and after, I suggest all take a bit more time and watch the following related videos on KitmanTV‘s excellent repository of information on the left.

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