This week’s “Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files”

This week’s stories remind us once again, of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in it’s mission to create a better, more thoughtful and harmonious world continue to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and consent in favour of their kinder, gentler, dictatorial approach. With the exception of two, all of these stories come from Britain, a land that once proudly served as the petri dish for freedom and which now seems to have become unfortunately, a beaker filled with stifling sediment.

#1 From the U.K.  Cinema goers warned by watchdog group that a large popcorn contains 1,800 calories. “There is a myth that popcorn is fat-free” says the Foods Standard Agency (FSA), adding ” the food on offer at cinemas is high in fat, sugar and salt”. It recommends smaller portions be made available.

#2 From the U.K.  Woman who found 700 year old coin in garden years ago as a child prosecuted for not reporting the treasure to authorities. The silver piedfort marking Charles IV’s ascension to the French throne in 1322 was found by Kate Harding 14 years ago as she helped her mother in the garden. Following her mother’s passing, she kept the coin as a memento. Last year she sought it’s authenticity from a museum but failed to report her find to the coroner. She has since been prosecuted under the Treasures Act, 1996.

#3 From the U.K. Staff at WH Smith refused to sell mother pair of childrens’ scissors over safety fears. Nadine Martin was left shocked and angered after a sales assistant said she could not buy a pair of brightly coloured scissors for her three year old daughter. Her youngster spotted the scissors and placed them on the check-out counter, prompting the clerk to ask Ms. Martin if in fact she would supervise their use at home. ” I can’t believe a parent can’t buy children’s scissors” said an embarrassed and angry Ms. Martin. She left without making a purchase. A WH Smith spokesman apologized for any embarrassment caused but defended the move stating, ” customer safety is of paramount importance to us. To that end, we insist our staff complete regular training updates to remind them of their obligations both legally and in accordance with our own policies”.

#4 From the U.K. London cabbies famous for their friendly chat, to be given training on when to keep quiet. In a bid to prepare taxi drivers to deal with ‘life in a modern service industry’, regulators are suggesting extra training to new recruits which includes knowing when to keep quiet. In addition to memorizing thousands of streets and routes, additional recommendations would include welcoming passengers and dealing with stressful situations. John Mason, head of taxi regulation at Transport for London said ” There is always room for improvement. Perhaps sometimes it is good to keep your mouth shut if you sense vibes from the customer that perhaps they are having a bad day”.

#5 From the U.S. Naked Snow Woman Forced to Cover Up. A neighbour of a family in Rahway, New Jersey, phoned police and filed a complaint charging that a nude snow sculpture of Venus de Milo was offensive. Despite the fact that passersby and several other neighbours were complimentary, the Gonzales family were ordered by the authorities to cover up Venus. Even the responding officer was apologetic and appreciative of the sculpture. Nevertheless, Venus was forced to put her clothes on. She has since melted away.

The snowlady built by Maria Conneran and her brother Jack  Shearing, left, that drew an annymous complaint to the police and had to  be covered up

***And now the story of the week that we didn’t have time to mention*…….
From the U.S. How Bad is the R-word? In recent months it has become clear that the terms ‘retard’ and ‘retarded’ have joined the glossary of words and phrases that public figures cannot utter. The stage has already been set for a 1990’s-style show-down over whether the word can ever be an innocuous epithet or is always too derogatory. In a bid to further eradicate the R-word from polite discourse, campaigns such as ” Spread the Word to End the Word” have been launched.
We’ve seen this type of censorship before- over zealous attempts by a few to rid us of what they consider offensive words, often leading to the banning of books, or even dictionaries. What is lost in such well meaning campaigns is the refusal to recognize the fact that most of us are well meaning, thoughtful and quite capable of using such words in their proper context with no intend toward ill will. If there really is the need for a politically correct intervention to remove the word, the implication is clear; we must suffer from an intellectual disability disabling us from considering others (in other words, we’re a bunch of rude social retards). It will be interesting to see how the french language wrestles with this issue since the word for late is retard. And what word will musicians now use to describe the slackening of tempo?
Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it”, Mark Twain, author of banned books, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

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