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5 Replies to “British talk show argues about whether or not Fitna should be shown”

  1. As long as people like this woman are granted a voice in the debate, we are not out of the woods. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in Fitna that the muslims haven’t directed themselves. End of discussion.

  2. Not quite the end. I will never support taking away someone’s voice. In fact thats the whole damn problem. If she didn’t have a voice, then how could we know how stupid and evil her side of the debate is? We, western people, are currently anaesthetized by leftists and apologists for Islam.
    At least because we had a voice in this debate this time, Which we often are not allowed, we could expose her for the fascist hate filled leftist totalitarianist she is.

  3. Yasmin Ali Brown spewing her Jew-hatred again. She complains about Jews… so how many have blown up the tube or flown airplanes in the WTC? I think that both of those murderous attacks “upset” non-Muslims.

  4. Of course the fact that there are no other Jewish groups, or Christian groups, or Hindu groups, or in fact any other groups in the world, at all, carrying out thousands of indiscriminate terrorist attacks on men, women and children, while quoting from their holy book, and taking directions from their clerics, seems to be lost on the lady.
    She keeps mentioning Israel, as if Israel is doing this worldwide, which it isn’t, whilst Islam is.
    This is the purpose and meaning of the film. Could you imagine taking lines out of the Bible and then trying to tie them to terrorist attacks worldwide, it would be an interesting experiment.

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