Geert Wilders may be Churchill in some ways, but perhaps more Galileo

This is not the first time a European has been brought to a stacked court to face charges of telling the truth about irrational religious authority. While many compare Wilders to Churchill for his stalwart stand against evil and tyranny even while his fellow countrymen courted it as politically correct to do so, perhaps a more accurate comparison, at least in terms of this trial, is the one of Galileo and the Church of Rome. Telling the truth about the machinery of the Solar System was a grave offence if it contradicted the official view of celestial mechanics as the Church insisted it had to be, to stay in accord with biblical analysis. So it is with Geert. Before I get a list of angry comments about the facts of Galileo’s inquisition, I agree that the story is misrepresented in the popular view. But certainly it was indeed an issue of freedom of speech in the face of powerful religious authority.

The trial of Geert is exactly that, even if the religious authority is using a proxy.

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2 Replies to “Geert Wilders may be Churchill in some ways, but perhaps more Galileo”

  1. I am embarrassed to be Dutch.
    On behalf of all Dutchmen and women who realize they are in debt to Western civilization and the Enlightenment, I hereby apologize sincerely for the political process against Geert Wilders.
    In particular I apologize for the actions of the Amsterdam court , who in their infinite wisdom forced the Public Prosecutor to summons and charge Wilders . The Netherlands has not prosecuted anyone for political reasons since the 17th century for God’s sake !!
    In my view —->political process = banana republic, although in this case
    “banana Monarchy” would be appropiate.


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