Newest Muslim conflict in WW3

Well, here is the newest Muslim-on-non-Muslim war in this global jihad. First, the Stratfor SITREP on it, then, some material from the CIA factbook on these 2 nations:

Armenia, Azerbaijan: Armenia Also Preparing for War?

January 25, 2010
Armenia has not ruled out a military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan said at a Jan. 25 speech at Yerevan State University. The declaration comes after the presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia met Jan. 25 in Sochi to discuss the peace proposals for the disputed region. It also comes as rumors of preparations for war are swirling in Baku. Though Azerbaijan publicly has discussed the possibility of war, Armenia has been relatively silent on the issue for some time now. With both sides now hinting at preparations, STRATFOR will be watching Moscow’s stance on the dispute and what influence Russia will exert to either prevent another conflict from breaking out or to try to contain such a conflict in a way that would allow further Russian influence over both parties.
This is well worth the read. Check the population and religions for these two nations. First Armenia:
Now, same numbers for Azerbaijan. Gotta love a flag that tells you so much. Like a not welcome sign.

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