Terry Glavin: Afghanistan: A Quagmire Of Confidence, Progress And Optimism.

From Terry Glavin’s blog. A word of advice to any0ne interested in the issue of Afghanistan and the NATO mission there. Do not solidify an opinion until you have read Terry Glavin on the subject. I include myself in this admonishon as I myself have changed my views a fair amount after reading Terry.
Eeyore for Vlad:
This latest poll is the now the 14th survey of which I am aware that wholly defies the received wisdom (which is to say the fashionable delusions and popular frenzies) abroad in the rich countries of the world about Afghanistan, and about “what Afghans think.” I am aware of no poll – not one – that supports the self-obsessed and fraudulent “anti-war” opinion in Canada on these subjects, or that does not expose bourgeois “left-wing” opinion to be objectively far-right, reactionary, and in opposition to the hopes and aspirations of the Afghan people.

‘Troops Out Now!’

Sixty-one per cent of the Afghan respondents support the U.S./NATO “surge” of 37,000 troops. Only 25 per cent agree with the American (and Canadian) plan to start withdrawing troops in 18 months, and while 22 per cent say foreign troops should start to pull out sooner, 21 per cent say foreign troops should in fact stay longer, and 29 per cent (the most sensible cohort, in my view) say troop withdrawals should depend on the security situation at the time. More than 70 per cent of Afghans rate the performance of American and other NATO/ISAF troops as excellent, good or fair.

‘Why Do They Hate Us?’

They don’t, so all those drippy Californian society ladies who hold such sway over “progressive” opinion in Canada should avail themselves of their hankies and smelling salts and shut their gobs.

Afghans rate the role the United States is playing in Afghanistan much higher (45%) than the approval they give anyone else the pollsters asked about: UK (28%), Germany (32%), Russia (22%), India (36%), Iran (27%), and Pakistan (9%). As a country, however, Afghans are some crazy about India – 71 per cent favourable! – so the Yanks need to work much harder. A friendly suggestion: The only time Michael Moore gets to appear on television is if he’s playing the role of the fat auntie in a Bollywood-type musical.

Only four per cent of Afghans see the United States as the greatest threat facing their country and a mere five per cent blame the U.S. for the violence that wracks Afghanistan, while 73 per cent blame the Taliban, Al Qaida, foreign jihadis and warlords. A whopping, utterly staggering two per cent of the Afghan people say “foreign influence” is the biggest problem facing their country.

‘Negotiate With The Taliban!’

Seventy-six per cent of Afghans say their government should negotiate with the Taliban only if the Taliban first stops fighting (good luck with that, Jack).

‘Hamid Karzai is a U.S. Puppet!’

Funny, but 90 per cent of Afghans rate Karzai’s performance as excellent, good or fair – approval ratings any “western” politician would die for – and only six per cent would prefer the Taliban.

‘The Afghan National Police are corrupt and feared by the people!’

Some 88 per cent of Afghans rate their police as excellent, good or fair.

NYT, January 9: “Afghans Losing Hope After 8 Years Of War.”

In the real world, Afghans haven’t been feeling this plucky in five years:

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