England’s resistance picks up steam.

Whether you agree with the EDL or BNP or any other group that can be remotely connected or not, there is no denying the significance with which these groups are growing in numbers, popularity, and sophistication. Clearly England has been grotesquely mismanaged as has much of Europe for long enough that groups like this need to exist, again, agree with them or not.

The sad fact is that the traditional political parties of England have lost the ability to defend and preserve anything worth while of British heritage while forcing radically different values on the people of that island. The results are 100% predictable. Below, is a rather better-than-previously-made video by the EDL looking for new members. The message is clear. Islam is not a British value, and all are welcome to join and stand with the EDL with the single common purpose of resisting Islam and preserving more classically liberal values. The EDL show black hands grasping white hands while the BNP only began to allow black members in the past few months because the government forced them to, as not allowing people to join a political party on the basis of race is illegal in England. Even so, the BNP are enjoying a large swell of support.

Again, whether you agree with one, both or neither group, the significance must not be ignored. The people of England are fighting for themselves and no longer trusting their government to represent their values. This is a dress rehearsal for a catastrophe, and worse, may actually be the lesser of the evils as between Islam and the EU’s totalitarian and anti democratic rules, the kind of peasant rebellion formed by racists and soccer hooligans may actually end up in something better than where England appears to be heading now.

Personally? I am doing a silent prayer for UKIP and hope that brilliant and brave men like Sir Malcolm Pearson and others in his party prevail and manage to defeat Islam and the EU in England without a descent into the kind of anarchy otherwise suggested.

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  1. Islam is, indeed, not a British, or even western way of thought.

    Its values are not those of rational, intelligent people, whose spiritual leaders generally do not condone the destruction of people and places that they do not agree with.

    It is a political and worldly system of control that has no place in the 21st century, let alone any time during the past 1,000 years.

    Islam’s leaders play the “plausible deniability” card to such an extent that few people recognize it.

    Like radical creeds everywhere, it breeds terrorists and ignorance which threatens the free world.

  2. Third World Immigration has been a disaster for this country. From the blacks in the 60s, which led to accelerated crime, and now open gun rule, to the Islamic Extremists now.
    At least other cultural/religious groups could be said to be indifferent to our country and it’s traditions, whereas Islam is the icing on the cake: a religion/creed that is openly hostile.
    We need to stop Third World Immigration now, and start revoking the citizenships we have given away so easily.
    Why would it be valued, when it’s available to every peasant who demands it?
    Wait for the next amnesty, coming to a neighbourhood near you.

    For the first time in my life I’ve voted for the BNP, not because I particularly agree with most of their policies, but because they are the only party pledged to do something about immigration. But as I do it, I shudder slightly, and think there were probably people who voted for National Socialism, with the same motives: it’ll scare the mainstream parties into acting responsibly.
    The trouble with doors is sometimes, when you kick them open, you can’t get them shut again.

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